Team Trump Is Team Russia

The Left is so accomplished at sensationalizing and rewriting history because they so doggedly sensationalize and rewrite the present.

The Nunes memo is one of the better case studies in recent memory.

We have sanctimonious gasbag Jim Comey complaining about “weasels and liars” (translation: House Republicans) for fulfilling their oversight responsibilities of the FBI, reminding us that there aren’t a lot of schools or streets named after Joe McCarthy.

That’s something Comey will have in common with McCarthy.

We have John Heilemann, one of MSNBC’s Russian collusion bots, suggesting that Paul Ryan is a Russian agent.

Because Paul Ryan agrees that the Nunes memo should be released, you see, that puts Ryan on Team Nunes which puts him on Team Trump which puts him on Team Russia which puts John Heilemann in a 1959 Richard Condon novel because he is living in a fictional world.

We have a DC press corps from a bygone era presently being fêted on the silver screen for unearthing government secrets while their descendants decry the notion of being handed a tidy summary of the same.

We have Beltway big government guerrillas who will say and do or not say and not do whatever is required to achieve their singular end: the end of Trump.