The Beltway Character With None

The intellectual descendants of Diogenes can continue looking for the elusive honest man in DC. Jim Comey ain’t him.

Instead, it is the likes of Jim Comey who have led Americans to lose faith in the federal government’s police power.

It is the likes of Jim Comey who have led Americans to legitimately conclude that the rule of law has been supplanted by the rule of men—and pusillanimous men at that.

Even Comey’s concessions as to his repeated cowardice were of the calculating “I’m no hero” humblebrag variety.

Comey is a careerist DC political character with no character.

Comey is the scheming lothario from a tawdry daytime soap who, instead of sexual conquest, seeks to seduce others for their esteem.

His situational ethics leave him awash in contradiction but who notices or much cares in a town ripped from the pages of a Gore Vidal novel.

Despite his prevarications and moral pliability or perhaps because of them, Comey can now take the meeting notes from his Hello Kitty Dream Diary that he did not disclose and cash them in for a seven-figure book deal to finance more romantic weekend getaways with the Mrs.

Another happily ever after Beltway fairy tale.