The Challenge Of Reason In Unreasonable Times

Chesterton observed that, “He who has gotten used to unreason is ready for unkindness.”

The Left’s big bet is a majority of Americans are not only ready for unkindness, they demand it.

The more brutal, the more devoid of merit, the better as the horde feeds on frenzy not reflection.

This is on full display as the Left sets aside any semblance of reason, concern for evidence, or respect for due process in pursuit of turning Brett Kavanaugh from Opie into Chucky in the public’s mind.


Connecticut Sen. Dick “Missing in Action” Blumenthal contends that confirming Kavanaugh would be an irreparable stain on SCOTUS from which it could not recover. Not Dred Scott. Not Korematsu v. U.S. Brett Kavanaugh.


Hawaii Sen. Mazie Hirono says all the men of America should shut up and do the right thing for once. To be fair, Mazie didn’t really mean all the men of America just the white, Christian men not of the Left, as her colleagues made clear.

This is not simply a matter of overzealous #MeToo minders as their lack of interest in Keith Ellison’s case illustrates.

This is the prosecution of a culture war by aspiring autocrats who deify themselves and vilify nonbelievers.

They will create heaven on earth no matter how many political, professional or actual graveyards they have to dig.