The Danger of Style Over Substance In Politics

In 2008 and 2012, millions of Americans confused the use of proper syntax with smarts.

Policy judgment was subordinated to style.

The results:

400,000 dead in Syria and a refugee crisis in the aftermath.

4 dead Americans in Benghazi.

A political Islamist terrorist organization that graduated from the JV team to Christian genocide in the Middle East and domestic carnage in Orlando and San Bernardino.

A wildly unpopular, unfinanceable and even “crazy”, in the words of Bill Clinton, backdoor government take-over of health insurance.

And two left-wing Supreme Court justices who find Constitutional penumbras and emanations to justify every big government gambit and freedom-constricting folly.

It would be unwise to again make complete sentences versus staccato speech the determinative dichotomy for the Presidency.

Trump’s imprecision with language is frustrating.

But Trump is directionally correct on issues ranging from immigration to military readiness to tax reform and his advisers have nicely filled in the details.

Hillary lies in complete sentences to recast 30 years of failed policies and catastrophic judgments that have inflicted untold human suffering all while she has leveraged our government for her personal gain.

Your choice America.

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