The DC Press Corps & Dictators

“North Korea heads for diplomacy gold medal at Olympics,” was the Reuters headline.

“Kim Jong-un’s sister is stealing the show at the Olympics,” CNN reported breathlessly.

This is the same DC press corps that comes apart at the seams in response to the slightest of provocative tweets or bellicose rhetoric from Trump.

Could the press be even more attention-starved than the President?

Or is the glowing review of North Korea’s chief propagandist just professional courtesy from our chief propagandists?

The only other option is that our big government press corps is genuine in their appreciation.

It wouldn’t be the DC press corps’ first dalliance with a dictator.

The New York Times didn’t believe Hitler was sincere in his anti-Semitism. They spent the run-up to the Third Reich profiling Hitler as a Bavarian gentleman who enjoyed “strolls with his three sheep dogs along majestic mountain trails.”

The New Republic was similarly enthralled with the Bolshevik Revolution that brought Stalin to power remarking upon Stalin’s “energy” and “positiveness”.

When both Trump and the DC press corps were recently given the opportunity to honor someone on the international stage, Trump chose Otto Warmbier. The DC press corps chose the regime that murdered him.