The Hillary Society: They Are Who We Thought They Were

Per the Wikileaked emails of Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman we confirm that, paraphrasing football coach Dennis Green, Hillary and her bund are who we thought they were.

The emails verify the bigot-baiters are the bigots.

A Catholic woman who takes her faith seriously is a contemptible shill for dictatorship.

The state is the church. Hillary is its high priestess. You shall genuflect.

The emails confirm the Departments of Justice and State to be Hillary campaign appendages. Unprofessional, extralegal contact was not limited to Bill Clinton and AG Loretta Lynch.

While FBI Director Comey was doing his best Inspector Clouseau routine, Hillary’s Plumbers were busy gaming the investigation and subverting the public’s right to know.

The emails corroborate the DC press corps’ colllusion. Editors coordinate the timing of op-eds for maximum exposure, reporters give Hillary veto power over quotes, and cable network pundits slip her debate questions in advance.

Mostly the emails establish the Big Government-Big Media complex to be full of venal, intellectual lightweights who do indeed find everyone outside of it unredeemable.

The Herculean task to clean out the Ruling Class’ Augean Stables needs a beginning. November 8th is it.

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