The Left's Groucho Marx Moral Compass

All that’s missing from the Left’s vaudevillian transition out of power is for the President, their Senators and media handmaidens to don horn-rimmed glasses and grease-painted mustaches.

“Those are my principles, and if you don’t like them…well, I have others.”

The Groucho Marx impersonations abound.

It’s bad for Russia to laud Trump. That makes him Putin’s Manchurian candidate.

It’s good for Cuba to laud Obama. That makes him a humanitarian.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren is quite worried about the Trump family leveraging the federal government for private gain.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren was indifferent to Hillary’s leveraging of the State Department to fund the Clinton Foundation for the private gain of the Clinton family.

It is wrong for the Trump team to threaten to kick CNN’s Jim Acosta out a press conference for being disruptive.

It was a non-event when the Obama team kicked conservative outlets off of his campaign plane for being conservative.

It is compassionate when Obama opens the door to Central American refugees seeking asylum.

It is compassionate when Obama closes the door to Central American refugees hailing from Cuba also seeking asylum in order to appease a communist dictatorship.

If the Left didn’t have their situational ethics they would have none at all.

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