The NEA's School Curriculum: Leftist Politics

When you think about quality K-12 schools that put kids on a path to being successful, independent adults, do you think of gender inclusive toolkits (New Business Item #55), opposition to federal law enforcement (New Business Item #18), and support for the impeachment of the President (New Business Item #65)?

If you do not, you probably were not at the National Education Association’s (NEA) annual meeting where the aforementioned matters were included on its 159-point “new business” agenda.

In worldwide rankings, U.S. high school students do not crack the top 20 in either science or reading and have dropped to 35th in math.

The response from the nation’s largest teachers’ union is to argue for in-state college tuition for persons in the country illegally (New Business Item #23) and against the U.S.’ “illegal overthrow” of the Hawaiian Monarchy in 1893 (New Business Item #37). Sorry, Larry Ellison, you’re going to have to give Lanai back.

159 new business items and nary a one dealing with student performance, classroom instruction, or fiduciary responsibility.

The NEA has affiliates in all 50 states. They takeover school districts, subordinate intellectual development to political indoctrination, and purchase legislators who fund it all on your dime and at your kid’s expense.

So when the NEA tells you that their business is making your kid a sentinel of the welfare state, you should believe them—and maybe show up to a school board meeting.