The Next 100 Days

Every long-lasting, successful organization has accountability mechanisms up and down the chain of command.

100 days in, we are about to find out if the Trump-led national GOP will be successful and their legislative majorities long-lasting.

Legislating—where direct benefits are conferred or removed--is where discipline is required and unity of purpose is displayed.  

Legislating is where we separate the flag-wavers from the flag-movers.

Legislating is where moral precepts are translated into law.

On this measure the next 100 days for President Trump and congressional Republicans will be much more significant than the first 100.

$20 trillion in debt and five times that in unfunded liabilities were not racked up by the federal government overnight and will not be paid down overnight.

But those numbers do demand bold action on spending and growth. The former must be restrained so the latter may be unleashed.

The imperfect Obamacare replacement 2.0 and the less imperfect tax relief plan are good places to start—legislating.

For if the party fails to hold itself to account, external Captain-Bligh-style accountability will come next year in primary and general elections.

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