The Victims Of The Chicago Way

Why is a second-generation Mexican immigrant with six kids who does everything right still not able to get ahead? Why is he sometimes working seven days a week to provide for his family and put his kids through college while others who are here illegally get these luxuries for free? Dan and Amy talk to a Chicago electrician who gives a perfect holistic explanation about everything wrong and unfair in Illinois.

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Proft: You're on Chicago's Morning Answer. Cristobal: Yeah, hi. How you doing? Proft: Good. Cristobal: Nice...nice to get a hold of you guys. Hey, I just want to give you my perspective. I'm 2nd generation Mexican, my father's from Mexico. I did everything right, I worked, I did extra...I served four years in the service. I'm here now in Chicago, I've got six kids, I put three of my kids through college, I'm still paying on it. I've got three other kids, and it really makes me upset because my wife don't work, she takes care of the other kids, and I'm always hustling, trying to make ends meet. And there's people coming here, and they're getting free college. And they're saying "They're good people!" I'm not saying they're not good people! I know most of them are good people, hard workers. But why am I working so hard just to pay my college? I tried applying for financial aid, they said I make too much. I mean, yeah I make good money, but I got six kids, my wife doesn't work, I'm a Union electrician, I mean...I know I don't make good money, but it's not right! Now I gotta pay all these fees, and these people are just getting handouts. I work six, seven days a week sometimes just to keep afloat! I don't know where...and I stay in Chicago, TRY to stay in Chicago so I can afford the taxes, but now the taxes are going higher, it's getting unaffordable to live in Chicago. And then there's a lot of people who live by me, they're renting out their attics, their basements, their paying their mortgages. I live in one house, with all my kids, my family, and I'm paying everything myself, but these people are renting out their attics, their basements, and then people in Chicago wonder where...why they don't have no money? Because these schools are overcrowded, because these houses are getting taxed for residential when they're actually (free flats?) because they're renting basements, they're renting the attics out. It just seems like I can't get ahead. But that's never told when you live in Chicago, in a Hispanic neighborhood. Proft: Did I tell you...Cristobal, did I tell you Cristobal had something important to say? I undershot it! Cristobal, that is an excellent dissertation on a...kind of the "holistic explanation" for everything that is wrong and unfair and upside down in Chicago, in Illinois. Exactly!

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