Tiger's Transcendence

"It fits."

Those were the words Tiger Woods uttered upon donning his 5th green jacket after his improbable and electrifying Masters victory.

President Trump subsequently notified Tiger that he'd be adding a Presidential Medal of Freedom to his trophy case.

That fits too.

Even the casual observer knows his career has been marked by epic highs and tragic lows.

That's what made Sunday's victory all the more incredible.

It was the culmination of an ethereal professional career from a man whose impact on the game of golf is immeasurable, but a few numbers provide a glimpse:

10 years after Tiger turned pro, the number of golfers in the United States had increased by 25 percent.

20 years into Tiger's career, the average total tournament purse had increased 352 percent and the average first place check by 378 percent.

The indelible images of Tiger's first and perhaps last Masters wins-from hugging his dad to hugging his kids-are indications of how much Tiger has changed too.

It all fits.

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