Todd Ricketts: Trump would be "a horrific candidate for our party"

Todd Ricketts took time out of preparing the bison dogs for tonight's Cubs home opener to join Dan & Amy this morning. Ricketts, who heads up Our Principles PAC, said Donald Trump would be a horrific candidate for our party and that he cannot win a general election. Ricketts also responded to Trump's claims that there is an effort underway to steal the nomination from him saying that one cannot steal from Trump what is not his.

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Dan Proft: Dan and Amy, so… Amy Jacobson: You can’t hear because it’s “Go, Cubs, go”, that song. Dan Proft: Yeah. Amy Jacobson: And you refuse to conform. You’re a nonconformist. Dan Proft: I have hysterical deafness. Amy Jacobson: Really? Dan Proft: Yeah, hysterical deafness when it comes to Cubs, and here’s the thing with the Cubs too. Amy Jacobson: Yeah? They’re winning right now, yeah? 5 and 1? Dan Proft: Yeah, Sox are 4 and 2. I know it’s a collision course, so the World Series. My concern though is, because Kyle Schwarber got injured and he’s out for the year, and I’m as even a diehard Sox fan – that’s terrible, I don’t want to see anybody get injured. Amy Jacobson: So you celebrated when he ran into Dexter Fowler? Dan Proft: Of course not. That’s terrible, that’s terrible eventuality, but now the Cubs have an excuse, so when they’ll lose to the White Sox at the World Series, they can say, “Well, if we would have had Schwarber, we would have been different”. Amy Jacobson: Well, we’ve a deep bench, I think we’ll be fine, but Cubs fans are already up partying. Cubs Fan 1: Next year, or 100 years from now, it doesn’t matter, because Cubs are number one! Cubs Fan 2: I can’t believe we’re going to the World Series, guys. Let’s do it, let’s do it! Dan Proft: We’ve been hearing that for 107 years. Well, somebody with a bit of a homer perspective, I think, he will admit, is Todd Rickets, from the Ricketts family that owns the Chicago Cubs, and he joins us now at the little opening day preview. Todd? Thanks for joining us, appreciate it. Todd Ricketts: Happy to be here. Dan Proft: So nice road trip, other than the Schwarber injury, which obviously is terrible, but nice road trip to open the season. It’s a good start. Todd Ricketts: Yeah, the Schwarber injury is terrible. No one feels worse than Kyle; he had such high hopes for this season, and he was going to be an intricate part of our team, and it’s disappointing, but he’s a young guy, he’ll be back. He’s a tough kid. Dan Proft: And you also have Jake Arrieta already making up for the power deficit left by Kyle Schwarber. Todd Ricketts: That’s right, I think in his last 22 starts he’s given up 3 home runs and hit 3 home runs. Amy Jacobson: So he makes up for his mistakes. Alright, so game is at 07:05, tonight, against the Cincinnati Reds; what should fans expect? Todd Ricketts: I think it’s just going to be a beautiful night at Wrigley. The renovations aren’t complete, and we’re adding metal detectors, so I’m just warning people to come a little bit early and get into the ballpark early, because we’re still renovating and we’re making some changes, but I think they’re going to be really happy with what they see. The ballpark’s looking great. Dan Proft: You still have the buffalo burgers, right? Todd Ricketts: What’s that? Dan Proft: You still have the buffalo burgers, right? Todd Ricketts: Bison burgers? Dogs, we have dogs there. They’re the dogs. Dan Proft: They’re good. Amy Jacobson: I saw those metal detectors; please tell me they’re going to be removable after the game. How’s that going to work? Ruins the look a little bit of Wrigley, no offence; it’s weird. Todd Ricketts: You know, it’s a tough spot for anybody that has a place where large numbers of people gather, just because of the whole Paris attack, so we’re just trying to do everything to make sure that everybody has fallen into a safe environment. Dan Proft: There are metal detectors if you go at a Hawks game or a Bulls game at the United Center, but is that something that now you’re seeing more in Major League baseball, Todd, with the enhanced security? Todd Ricketts: That’s a mandate from the league itself. That’s not something that we came up on our own. Obviously, we’re doing it on our own, but that’s something that came from the leagues, saying that they wanted to increase security. Amy Jacobson: So now you’re going to open up 30 minutes earlier to let people go through the magnetometers? Todd Ricketts: That’s right. Dan Proft: At Comiskey they should have had that a long time ago, because you never know when the Lagoo boys are going to show up to attack an employee… Todd Ricketts: Dan, you know what, I would love to have a White Sox – Cubs World Series; I think it would be the greatest thing for the city of Chicago, and we’d all have a ton of fun, and just sadly the Sox will probably lose that. Dan Proft: It can be 4 over… Amy Jacobson: For somebody who lives in the neighborhood, when is the construction going to be done? Todd Ricketts: For this season, or forever? Amy Jacobson: Just in general, yes, when’s the hotel going to be built? I mean, just help us out here. Todd Ricketts: We’re still a couple of years away. It’s a big project. There was a lot of differed maintenance on regularly, and so a lot of it could not be differed any longer, so we’re taking it seriously and we’re doing it right, and it’s going to take a couple more years. Dan Proft: And how has Alderman Toni and the city been with all the construction projects going on and everything leading up to opening day? Todd Ricketts: Everyone wants to see Wrigley maintained for the next hundred years, I think we’re all on the same page from a philosophical point of view; it’s just when you get into the details of the logistics and how that’s going to work that we got to hammer out some of those details. Amy Jacobson: And speaking of politics, besides the alderman I wasn’t going to ask you about, Donald Trump and his tweets attacking your family, how do you feel about the Trumpster? Todd Ricketts: Well, I think… how do I feel about him? Amy Jacobson: Yeah. Todd Ricketts: I think that he would be a horrific candidate for our party, and there’s a couple of things; the media would like you think he’s inevitable, but he’s not. No matter how the next few primaries go – he’s going to have a couple of good primaries in New York and Maryland, but then he’s going to have to come to Indiana, and Nebraska, and Montana, places like that, where he’s not going to win; it’s a tough path for him to get to that majority; I don’t think he’s going to make it, but the media will have you believe he’s inevitable; he’s not. The second thing is that in a General Election he’s not electable; there’s never been a Republican candidate who went into the General with a majority of his unfavorables, right? He’s got a 70% unfavorable rating, and normally this time you have a 70% favorable as the Republican nominee. Anycase, so he can’t win a General Election, and all this talk of him saying that the Republican Party’s trying to steal the nomination from him; you can’t have something stolen that doesn’t belong to you. The nomination belongs to the Party, not to Donald, and the Party in the end will decide who becomes the nominee. Dan Proft: And your brother, Pete, the Governor of Nebraska, has he drawn the marginal line in Lincoln? “You shall not cross this line, Donald Trump!” He’s assembling the troops? Todd Ricketts: You know, I don’t know exactly what Pete’s doing. Maybe you’ll have to have him on the show sometimes and ask what he's thinking. He may not be thinking anything. I think he’s got a lot going on in Nebraska himself. Amy Jacobson: Well he attacked his mother, which is an uncommon blow, but that’s Trump’s style. Dan Proft: Well, right, she’s a donor to our Principle’s PAC, which is an independent expenditure PAC that has been focused on trying to stop Trump, and you’re continuing with your PAC work in the 16 states that are left, I presume. Todd Ricketts: For sure. Dan Proft: And you haven’t endorsed any candidate in particular. It’s more anybody but Trump? Todd Ricketts: Yeah, we’re pretty agnostic on this topic. I think that once we get to Cleveland, if it’s an open convention, without a nominee, with the majority of the delegates, which the rules of state, I think we’ll find out which campaign and which candidate has the most hustle. I think that’s always what it’s come down to, is the campaign that really understands the rules of the Party and the Convention, and understands the motivations of the delegates, and is able to persuade them, those are the guys that become the nominee. Dan Proft: Alright, he is Todd Ricketts, he wears many hats; our Principle’s PAC, as well as, of course, the Ricketts family ownership of the Chicago Cubs. Todd, have a great opening day, have a bison dog and a beer and enjoy yourself. Todd Ricketts: I will! It’s our year, we’re going to have a great one

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