Trump Should Make The 10th Amendment Great Again

Good governance requires a framework rooted in first principles.

President-elect Trump must set forth his. Chief among them should be to make the Tenth Amendment great again.

To both counter allegations of authoritarian impulses and unleash the populace’s creative energies lying fallow, Trump should re-establish American federalism and devolve power away from the federal government.

End the federal government’s perverse inducements to the states to expand Medicaid under Obamacare.

Block grant Department of Education funding to the states to be used specifically to fund scholarships that give poor kids a chance to go to better schools.

Roll back the administrative state’s duplicative agencies and redundant regulations

Decouple disaster preparedness funds from adherence to climate change junk science.

Consolidate the byzantine grants-in-aid mechanism which provides myriad ways for the federal government to micromanage states and localities.

I suspect the nation’s 33 Republican governors and perhaps even some of the Democrats would welcome greater sovereignty over their affairs.

If Trump governs as a neo-Federalist he will make America great again by, in the immortal words of Scott Baio, making America America again.

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