Trump Trickbags Dems On DACA

Whether you think Trump’s public policy posturing is asymmetrical or just simply erratic, his proposal on DACA summarily pronounced DOA by congressional Dems improved the GOP’s electoral chances in November—bigly.

Here’s how:

First, by seeing a path to citizenship for 800,000 DACA recipients and raising the Democrats 1 million more, Trump took Schumer’s and Pelosi’s mascots away from them.

If you’re offered the prospect of a path to citizenship, are you willing to pass on your chance to pursue the Left’s open borders fantasy?

Schumer may not have experienced his last sleepless night in Brooklyn.

Second, by providing a path even for those who were eligible but did not seek the DACA designation, Trump out-flanked the Democrats on the issues of fairness, good faith and empathy.

It’s a bend but don’t break that will leave some Trump supporters muttering under their breath but it’s not a betrayal.

Third, Trump positioned himself with 70%+ of Americans on the immigration issues punch list: normalizing DACA designees, building the wall, prioritizing based on skills, and punishing sanctuary cities and states.

Trump has put congressional Democrats in God’s little acre.

If they cut a deal, Trump is the pragmatic, reasonable businessman who got a decent, bipartisan deal done.

If they don’t cut a deal, Trump is the pragmatic, reasonable businessman foiled by inflexible Democrats whom he met more than halfway.

The art of this deal is Trump painted Democrats into a corner.