Trump's Audience

Belied by his promiscuity on policy is a discipline President Trump possesses that few other Republican politicians do.

Trump knows who his audience is, who it is not and he consistently leverages the latter to maintain the loyalty of the former.

Trump is still speaking to and for the “deplorables”—those forgotten Americans who play by the rules only to be gamed by the system they finance.

Al Czervik got into the club but instead of cozying up to Judge Smails, he’s bringing his friends in with him.

You can at once blanch at Trump’s behavior and appreciate the truth it generates.

Rocco, Moose, help NATO allies find their wallets. And they did.

The more lurid Trump’s conduct or supercilious his comment the more Trump’s opponents voluntarily lay bare their barbarism.

Trump tweets a fake wrestling video. CNN hyperventilates about make-believe violence in stark contrast to the short shrift it gives actual violence perpetrated by the Left be it an assassination attempt on GOP congressmen, riots at Berkeley, assaults of professors or attacks on police.

The success of Trump’s Presidency remains an open question but at least he knows for whom he fights.

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