Rahm Emanuel Worst Elected Official

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This is Pat Hughes with this week’s Upstream Ideas ‘Two-Minute Warning.’ When Rahm Emanuel came back to Chicago, it was with the promise that he would turn the city around. Six years later, not only has that promise been broken---time and again---I’m pretty sure he never intended to keep it. Because of Emanuel, the city is in decline and more divided than ever. Divided by race and by wealth. But mostly divided by whether the Mayor gives a damn about you. If you are doing well, he values you. Chicago is a great place to live for the affluent in Streeterville and Lakeview. But just a few blocks away, families live in constant fear of becoming another statistic. 797 homicides in 2016 alone. Most of the victims African American and Hispanic souls relegated to hopeless lives and violent deaths on the city’s South and West Sides. And as the Laquan McDonald cover up reveals, Emanuel and his ilk in City government are more focused on protecting political ambition than ending---as our President so aptly put it-- the American Carnage. Each year, we send thousands of children into Chicago’s public school system, which fails to educate the majority of them. Of course, the Mayor himself sent his children to good private schools---an option he refuses to endorse for those without means. Because Karen Lewis and CTU steamrolled him---twice. Financially, Emanuel’s tax increases and cuts in city services haven’t solved the funding crisis. With the massive new property tax increase, many Chicago families have been priced out of their homes and fled to the suburbs or other states. Taxes go up. The Tax base dwindles. Taxes go up. Rinse and repeat. Look. Rahm Emanuel is the worst elected official in the country. Period. But you can end put an end to that. 2019 is right around the corner. Elect a mayor who is dedicated to reform and cannot be compromised. A mayor who cares about all Chicagoans every day---not just on election day. A mayor who wants the City that Works to work again. Or you can re-elect Emanuel, and share responsibility for the inevitable collapse of a once great city. You’ve been warned.

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