What Comes Next

A few months ago Hillary & Co. praised Jim Comey and his team as dedicated, career professionals who made a judicious decision.

Last week, after he reopened the Hillary email investigation, Comey became a rogue federale who had possibly violated the Hatch Act, according to Sen. Harry Reid.

That’s Team Hillary for you. Their ethics are synced to their interests.

Thus, Hillary’s political deathbed conversion to transparency.

Hillary’s practiced high dudgeon of demanding the full release of the new cache of emails knowing there’s no chance the FBI does that prior to review might be more compelling if she didn’t simultaneously send Huma into hiding.

That little two-step is compounded by Hillary flacks feigning complete confusion as to the contents of the new emails even as they can’t be bothered to ask Huma, the co-custodian of the material.

Hillary’s offensive posture to law enforcement is reminiscent of former Illinois Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr., telling federal prosecutors to “bring it on.”

It got brought. Jesse Jr. & his wife went from serving consecutive terms in office to consecutive terms in prison.

Perhaps that’s what’s in store for Mr. & Mrs. Carlos Danger and Mr. & Mrs. Clinton.

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