What Makes America Great?

In a recent interview with Charlie Rose, celebrated left-wing snarkist Jon Stewart lamented that no one in the government press corps ever asked Donald Trump, “What makes America great?”

The failure of a group that generally doesn’t consider America so great to ask that question is unsurprising.

It nonetheless remains an important one. And this post-election period of reflection is an opportune time to take it up.

America is great because her founders encoded into the DNA of the body politic that God is good and man is not.

Our rights come from a perfect God and cannot be taken away by imperfect men.

Thus, our framers limited man’s power over his fellow man by diluting it across co-equal branches and subordinate laboratories of democracy.

America is great because we are equal before God and have set that same standard we inadequately fulfill in our treatment of each other.

America is great because we are accountable before God and disposed, however insufficiently, to set the same bar for each other.

America is great because we are called by God to lives of service and freely do so every day in communion with each other and in repudiation of modern identity politics.

America is great because we seek God’s grace even while recognizing we are unworthy of it. 

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