What's Real in the Era of Fake News? Proft Goes 1:1 W/ Venerable Chicago Newsman Bernie Judge

Bernie Judge spent 50 years in Chicago media working in various stints for the Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun-Times, City News and the Daily Law Bulletin.

What advice did Judge give Ed Asner for Asner's signature "Lou Grant" character? Would that be good counsel for journalists today? 

How did Judge cover stories as compared to how they're covered today?

Does putting a premium on speed necessarily sacrifice accuracy?

Do journalists get it wrong more often than they used to and is that a function of ideology or oversight? Is journalism no longer fact-gathering and simply polemics?

What's fake news and what isn't it? Who is trafficking in it and who isn't?

What is the future of journalism as it pertains to content not just distribution channels?

Is the era of the must-read journalist/columnist who commanded the attention of the general public, influenced the outcomes of elections and otherwise exerted great sway on politics and culture (e.g. Mike Royko) gone for good?

We get the who, what, where, when, why and how from eminent Chicago newsman Bernie Judge on this installment of Against The Current.

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