Why Madigan's Democrats Do What They Do

"Now is not the time to play political games. Now is the time for us to summon the courage to let Mike Madigan and House Democrats know that there is a line over which they will not drag us."

For 502 days, the politicians in Springfield have put their interests ahead of the needs of our families and businesses. Last week, they left Springfield without passing a balanced budget. For this, the Illinois General Assembly will be criticized as being a “Do-Nothing” legislature, but it’s not the real story.

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Matthew Besler: Last week in Springfield, politicians ended the legislature session without passing a budget. Many will call them a “Do-Nothing” legislature, but that’s not exactly right. The truth is we saw some dramatic efforts from state democrats, such as the push for a progressive income tax – a policy that hurts middle-income families. Democrats then went on to demand that the governor sign a bill allowing a powerful public sector union to negotiate its own contract. Undeterred, democrats tried to raise your taxes by an additional 47%. Why would they do these things? Because it doesn’t matter to Mike Madigan and his super veto-proof majorities that families are being taxed out of their homes. It doesn’t matter to the democrats that we have the highest unemployment rate in the nation. What does matter to them is keeping the people that put them in power happy! There is no argument over the need for a responsible budget. First, it’s the obligation to avoid an impasse that shuts down social services. But there is only one way to guarantee those services for decades to come. And it’s not surrendering to the will of Michael Madigan. Appeasing Madigan may give us a budget, but the cost will leave us with no choice between solvency and bankruptcy. Illinoisans are hurting. It’s time to summon the courage to draw the line across which Mike Madigan and House democrats will not drag us. It’s time to replace kept politicians with independent thinkers who work for Illinois families and businesses. Not union bosses and trial lawyers. Join us in the fight for a state in which freedom, opportunity, and prosperity can flourish.

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