You Threaten Their Planet

Rachel Carson was wrong about DDT.

Paul Ehrlich’s population bomb was a dud.

Glossy magazine covers in the 1970s featuring fashionable global cooling predictions about a coming ice age thawed.

In skated Michael Mann’s global warming hockey stick until Mark Steyn snapped it in two.

Now Chinese Communists, European Socialists, Hollywood leftists, billionaire rent-seekers and Fortune 100 CEOs suggest that America’s failure to lead from behind with our own unenforceable politician’s pledges on carbon emissions spells the imminent demise of our mortal coil.

The culprit messing up the grand plans of the jet setters? Same as it’s always been. The middle-income family and the small business owner-operator who seek pedestrian pursuits like a job or lower energy costs. Boring.

You are the demons who must be slayed so that noted scientists like Leonardo DiCaprio, Bette Midler and Governor Moonbeam can remake the world in their image.

You left billionaire fossil fuels investor turned mega-funder of leftist zealotry Tom Steyer with no choice but to term you traitors and declare war.

You see, Trump isn’t their real target. You are.

And conservation isn’t their real goal. Control is.

The Left has been using environmentalism as their cover story to exert control over you and your pursuits for 50 years.

Your existence doesn’t threaten the planet just the Left’s dominion over it.