Your Boy's Got Breasts

“Your boy’s got breasts.”

That’s how a reporter for Australia’s version of “60 Minutes” confronted the mother of 12-year-old Patrick Mitchell.

Patrick thought he wanted to be a girl. So naturally Patrick’s mom rushed out to get him an estrogen prescription.

The problem is Patrick changed his mind.

“I began to realize I was actually comfortable in my body. Every day I just felt better,” said Patrick.

It turns out a preadolescent child didn’t have it all figured out. Who would’ve thunk it?

What a society extols it begets.

According to Gallup, Americans believe approximately one-fourth of the US population is LGBT. That’s at least six times than the actual number of those so identifying.

The ubiquity of celebratory profiles of, say, an American traitor who wants to be The Danish Girl, characters in movies, TV, theater and the like, of LGBT persons distorts their prevalence in the public’s mind.

This is not a comment on tolerance or respect, both of which should be afforded every person from a place of true Christian love for one’s fellow man.

Rather, it is a comment on celebrating that which should be concerning.

Because doing so leads an otherwise loving parent to forfeit their adult judgment and put a 12-year-old in charge of major, life-altering medical decisions. 

Because doing so leads an otherwise loving parent to hurt their child, as Patrick’s mom did.