Zeke Emanuel’s America

14-year-old Jerika Bolen is a lovely young lady who suffers from a terrible disease.

Jerika has undergone nearly 40 surgeries and does not want to endure any more.

Jerika’s mother has assented to her daughter’s death wish.

I feel great empathy for Jerika and her family.

But sentimentalism should not supplant reason.

Our therapeutic culture tells us suffering is bad. The Apostle Paul tells us suffering is a gift from God.

Our political ruling class treats individuals as liabilities to be managed rather than unique assets to develop. We are told that government-sanctioned death squads dressed in lab coats will mete out compassion.

A most ghoulish example is Dr. Zeke Emanuel, Obamacare architect and brother of Chicago Mayor Tiny Dancer, who declared he wants to die by age 75 (and others should too) to make the federal government actuarial tables for health care costs work.

I want to live in an America that celebrates life as sacred, that tells Jerika she is needed and that recognizes the mystery of God’s plan for each one of us.

The alternative is Zeke Emanuel’s America

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