2020 Presidential Election

2020: A Choice Between Two Bernies

In a sense the 2020 race is shaping up as a choice between two Bernies. 

A Right Bernie and a Left Bernie. 

Do you like the Capitalist Bernie or the Bolshevik Bernie?

These two Bernies have neatly defined the choice in 2020.

On the one hand is Home Depot founder, the creator of a half-million jobs, and billionaire Bernie Marcus who is spending his golden years giving away his money to worthy causes.

On the other hand is Soviet devotee Sen. Bernie Sanders who is spending his golden years the same way he spent his formative ones---giving away other people’s money.

Bernie Marcus is an unabashed Trump supporter undeterred by threats of a Home Depot boycott by Marxist mobsters.

Bernie Sanders is an unrepentant redistributionist who said on Meet the Press recently his goal is “to make the poor richer and the rich poorer.”

Bernie Marcus doesn’t believe helping people is a zero-sum proposition.

Bernie Sanders believes everything should be free except freedom.

Which Bernie will you support in 2020?

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