Adam Kinzinger

James Marter GOP Candidate For Congress

James Marter entered the ring to primary incumbent Representative Adam Kinzinger in the 16th congressional district. Marter enters the ring with Dan and Amy to discuss what got him into the race and how his strong conservative values separate him from his opponent. Are Illinois voters ready to stoke the revolt?

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"We Won't Lose War On Terror Because Of A Trump Tweet"

Are Trump's tweets destabilizing the planet? What is Congress doing to protect due process of members accused without funneling taxpayer money to cover these allegations up? Maybe Springfield should follow suit. Should we be expecting a Christmas gift of tax cuts? Congressman Adam Kinzinger of the 16th District joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Kinzinger: “We Have To Win The Conservative Argument Again”

Is Trump reversing course on the Paris Climate Accord? What other surprises will Trump have when he addresses the UN? Rep. Kinzinger says he actually likes President Trump’s unpredictability on the world stage. Also, a federal judge in Chicago begins the legal battle of the defunding of sanctuary cities. Representative Adam Kinzinger for the 16th Congressional District joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Protecting Congress

In the wake of the Arlington Shooting, Congress is moving forward with the Comey Hearings and Healthcare debate. Given the recent attack, should rank-and-file Congressmen receive enhanced security details? Reports indicate that Senate Republicans are prepared to take aroll-call vote on Obamacare Replacement. How close are they to passing Healthcare and moving on to tax reform? Congressman Adam Kinzinger (16th Congressional District, Illinois) joins Dan and Amy to discuss the continuing fallout from the shooting and other news from the Hill.

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