Chicago Corruption

Red Light Cameras Undermine The Law

Do red light cameras actually keep us safer? Are they placed in areas of high accident rates or wherever they can possibly generate the most revenue? Is there a case to be made for a constitutional challenge on red light cameras? Heartland Institute's Budget & Tax News Editor, Joe Barnett joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Kick Out Chicago

Is Chicago taking valuable resources from the rest of Illinois? Is there any benefit to the Chicago-centric approach of state government? Is Chicago scaling their corruption, debt, and tax hikes to the rest of the state? Should the rest of the state bailout Chicago like Mayor Lightfoot wants? State Rep. Brad Halbrook from Shelbyville joins Dan and Kristen McQueary to discuss his plan to have the rest of Illinois separate from Chicago.

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Same Facts, Different Perspectives

Why has American life transformed people to compete for attention and cultural influence? Are the people still defending Jussie Smollett trying to defend their own cultural narrative? Quillette contributor, Ben Sixsmith joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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The Foxx In The Tchen House

In 1952, Alderman Robert Merriam remarked to journalist A.J. Liebling that Chicago "is the only completely corrupt city in America.”

That hasn’t changed in the dismissal of charges against Jussie Smollett.

Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx is one of the Socialist Spice Girls put together by Michelle Obama’s top lieutenants. That’s why Mayor Rahm Emanuel was cut out of the communication loop.

Why would Foxx have inappropriate ex parte communications and muck up her recusal?

Why would her office waive the customary demand for a reduced sentencing by Smollett and offer no objection to the case file being immediately sealed?

Was Foxx making good on a promise, accepting a bigger, better quid pro quo, or just singing the tune she needed to sing to stay in the band?

That’s now a matter for the FBI to figure out.

What everyone has figured out about Chicago is that the rule of politics supersedes the rule of law.

Chicago indeed is completely corrupt.

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Smollett’s Alleged Attackers’ Attorney Speaks Out

Where have the Osundairo brothers been? Did they recant as Smollett's attorneys suggest? Did the brothers actually laugh out loud at the suggestion that they put on “white face?” Has there been any communication between Smollett and the brothers since the charges have been dropped? The Osundairo brothers’ attorney, Gloria Schmidt joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Two Systems Of Justice

Will anything in this case ever be solved as the State’s Attorney’s office says Smollett isn’t exonerated and Smollett is still playing the victim? Why wasn’t the Police Department notified that the charges were being dropped? Should Chicago police walk off the job in protest? Chicago FOP President, Kevin Graham joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Historic Chicago Mayor's Race

What does Toni Preckwinkle have to show for her 30 years of public service? Highest black unemployment rate, worst housing market in an urban center, violent crime, an education system rife with scandals? Is that how she’s going to beat Lori Lightfoot? What about Lightfoot’s relationship with Chicago Police? Tribune Columnist, John Kass joins Dan and Amy with a mayoral recap.

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19 Year Old Taking On The Machine

One of the aldermanic elections to keep an eye on taking place in Chicago today is in the 13th Ward with Marty Quinn, a Madigan lackey, against political outsider, 19 year old David Krupa. Krupa is out at the polls today talking to voters along with his security guard. Only in Chicago. Krupa joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Tiny Dancer Send Off

On election eve, Tim O’Donnell shares his parody send off to departing Mayor Rahm Emanuel. The song is dedicated to all the private sector workers paying for other people’s pensions.

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Has Beens Vs. Have Nots

With tomorrow’s cold and snowy forecast, will the election process produce another anointing of the next mayor? Does Chicago want to change? What have been the damaging effects of the ACLU and the DOJ’s influence on the police department? What should be done to reduce the size and costs of city government? Mayoral candidate, Garry McCarthy joins Dan and Amy on election eve.

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Faith And Hard Work

How did Willie Wilson go from $0.20/hr picking cotton during Jim Crow to a $62 million company, debt-free? Don’t Chicago’s policies and high taxes hurt everyone- Democrats and Republicans? Fresh off some GOP endorsements, could Willie be the surprise on Feb. 26? Dr. Willie Wilson joins Dan and Amy to discuss his candidacy for mayor.

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Politics Over The Rule Of Law

Is Chicago the most completely corrupt city in America? How do we get to a legitimate government? Why aren’t politicians like Alderman Proco Joe Moreno facing consequences for breaking the law? Is Garry McCarthy really trying to annex some nearby suburbs? Former CPD Superintendent and mayoral candidate, Garry McCarthy joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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More Legal Troubles For Madigan

13th Ward Alderman Candidate, David Krupa officially filed a federal civil suit against Madigan and mini-me Marty Quinn. Where are law enforcement agencies at with the case? What is Krupa hoping to gain from the suit? Are ward residents aware of what’s going on? Krupa joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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The Burke Four

Are the Burke Four (Chico, Daley, Mendoza, Preckwinkle) just status quo opportunists who joined the race after Rahm announced he wasn’t running? How can we expect change from a corrupt system? Is the Chicago media to blame for covering up corruption in City Hall and impeding entrepreneurs? Are things put in affidavits not there by accident? Chicago Tribune columnist, John Kass joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Stockholm Syndrome Plaguing Chicago Voters

Will there finally be a reckoning for those in power in Chicago? Are all of the political lords going to start turning on each other? What will it take to change the political culture in the city and state? Dan and Amy discuss the latest Sun Times' story reporting on FBI tapes of Madigan and Danny Solis’ unique interests and habits while alderman.

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Mayoral Candidates Making A Play For Center-Right Voters

The Northwest Side GOP and Chicago City Wire newspaper hosted a mayoral forum. Candidates included: John Kozlar, Jerry Joyce, Paul Vallas, Dr. Willie Wilson, Bob Fioretti, and LaShawn Ford. Topics ranged from the city’s financial problems, creating more choice and accountability in the Chicago Public School system, rooting out corruption, and more hot button issues like sanctuary city laws and guns. Dan Proft and Matt Podgorski moderated the event.

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Preview Of NWS GOP And Chicago Citywire Mayoral Forum

What questions would you ask Chicago's mayoral candidates? Can the almost 100,000 voters in Chicago who identify as Republican make a difference in the race? Which candidates are interested in system change compared to those just wanting the title, profile, and future riches? Chairman of the Chicago NW Side GOP, Matt Podgorski joins Dan and Amy for a preview of tomorrow’s mayoral forum hosted at St. Monica’s parish on the city’s Northwest Side with Dan Proft as a moderator.

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How To Change The More Of The Same Politics In Chicago

Should candidates like Mendoza and Preckwinkle have some self respect and get out of the mayor's race? How do we get to a better, less segregated city? What should we do about the taxes running people out of the city? Should each department be audited every few months to keep people honest? Willie Wilson, the only successful entrepreneur in the race, joins Dan and Amy to discuss his 2019 mayoral candidacy.

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An End To Predatory Policies In Chicago?

Does the candidate with the most petition signatures have the best momentum heading into the February mayoral election? How can some candidates be what Chicago needs moving forward with all their baggage and ties to corruption? Is there the beginnings of a generational change in the city? Is an elected school board the answer to CPS woes? Mayoral candidate, Amara Enyia joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Chicago Party Aunt To Make Chicago Great Again

Should Parkey have run out of Soldier Field right into Lake Michigan after Sunday’s missed kick? Is Burke the first person to shake down a couple Burger King executives? Will Burke’s security detail be rightfully restored after he’s exonerated? Chicago Party Aunt from the northwest, southeast side joins Dan and Amy to discuss why they want to be the next mayor of Chicago. 

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