Big Government And Big Tech

Is China a prime example of how easy it is for a government to successfully suppress information from the general public for political gain? Will China wait it out until after the 2020 election to decide how they want to handle trade with the U.S.? Both the left and right want to take on Big Tech but what’s the best free market solution? CNBC contributor and columnist at AEI, Jim Pethokoukis joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Tariffs Could Affect Trump Re-Election

Should Trump heed the warning from footwear companies to stop with the tariffs that could bring down the whole economy? When is it time to stand up to Beijing if not now? Do mining restrictions in the U.S. make us dependent on Russia and China? Economic adviser to President Trump, Steve Moore joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Brexit Disaster

Is the European Union scared to death of Brexit? If they ever figure out a Brexit deal, will the E.U. disintegrate or continue to limp along? Did the Iranians hack the midterm elections? Are we prepared to go to war with China? Former Department of Defense Undersecretary, Jed Babbin joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Creative Destruction

Are we slowly moving away from free market policies in the midst of the trade war with China? Are no interest rate moves from the Fed a good thing or is that a sign that the economy is slowing down? Should a trillion dollar bipartisan infrastructure plan have taxpayers worried? The Capitalist Pig, Jonathan Hoening joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Aligning Interests

Trump may have been able to rewrite the rules of Presidential politics but he can’t rewrite the laws of economics.

The good news is he knows it.

On trade with China, the President has consistently said the goal of punishing China (and U.S. consumers) with tariff increases in the short term is to get to a lower tariff, more free trade relationship for the long term.

It logically follows if the end game is low tariffs and more trade, the President understands that high tariffs and less trade are anti-growth positions.

Trump’s 2018 steel tariffs, for example, cost U.S. businesses and consumers more than $900,000 for every job created or saved, according to the Peterson Institute. This is not sustainable if economic growth is the goal. Neither is allocating upwards of $15 billion in price supports to salve the economic wounds inflicted on American farmers, as Trump committed to do.

Serving the long-term interests of U.S. consumers is in the President’s short-term, 2020 political interest.

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Trump’s Endgame With China

What will the relaxation of tariffs on Mexico and Canada mean for the passing of the USMCA and what would its passage mean for the U.S. economy? Is Trump protecting the tech industry at the expense of the farmers? Why are Democrats advocating for more socialism that has a 100% failure rate? CNBC contributor, Jim Iuorio joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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GOP Blueprint For 2020

Did Trump lay out the blueprint on immigration to clarify the GOP’s position heading into 2020? Why aren’t Republicans addressing the backdoor government take over of the private health insurance market? Are Republicans getting jumpy as Trump cranks up the trade war with China? Anchor of Special Report on Fox News, Bret Baier joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Tariffs Could Halt Economic Success

If tariff increases are good public policy, why is it the Trump administration's goal to lower them? Isn't that an implicit admission they are economically destructive? Is this the only way to reset trade agreements with China? Is the trade war going to reverse the benefits of Trump’s other good economic policies? Should Big Tech be broken up? George Mason University economics professor and Cafe Hayek contributor, Don Boudreaux joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Steve Moore Withdraws Fed Board Nomination

What caused Steve Moore to make the decision to withdraw his Fed Board nomination? Are we back to the drawing board with China on a trade deal? Should Trump stop raising prices for American consumers? Should we tax Big Tech's revenue from digital ads? WSJ Columnist and CNN Chief Economist, Steve Moore joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Global Threats

How can Biden dismiss the threat of China? Is it time to tighten up sanctions and even pass new ones on North Korea after their missile testing? Is it a good idea to send a U.S. bomber task force to the Middle East? Why is Trump having lengthy conversations with Putin? How can the U.S. stir up a revolution in Venezuela without putting our own troops on the ground? Former Pentagon official, Jed Babbin joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Tariffs= Taxes On Americans

How will more tariffs on China affect the market? Are the Democrats searching for ways to downplay the strong economy? Will Illinoisans continue voting with their feet if the progressive income tax passes? The Capitalist Pig, Jonathan Hoening joins Dan and Amy for a preview of his event at the Heartland Institute on May 8th.

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The Economy’s Back

Why are the stocks continuing to rally? Can we fill the 7.1 million surplus of jobs? Why are people interviewing high school classmates of Steve Moore for his upcoming Fed Board appointment? Is there any update on a China trade deal? Chief economist for CNN and Fed Board nominee, Steve Moore joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Finalizing Trade Deal With China

Are we finally going to reach a trade deal with China? Is Trump going to keep the current 10% tariff on China? Is underfunding education the basis of all Illinois’ problems? What about a potential new high speed rail in Illinois for a small price of $2 billion? Chief Economist for CNN, Steve Moore joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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The Art Of No Deal

Did Trump make the right move by walking on North Korea? Does it give him any leverage with the Chinese? How do you reason with an irrational person? Was there any expectation in Southeast Asia that something would happen? What is Russia’s role in North Korea? Contributor at Washington Times, Jed Babbin joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Senate Voting On Green New Deal

Is AOC regurgitating what she learned from her college professors? Is the Green New Deal actually a good educational lesson for Americans to see how crazy the left’s ideas are? Is China going to make any concessions or will Trump be forced to impose more tariffs? Chief Economist for CNN, Steve Moore joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Jobs’ Report Surpasses Expectations

Is there reason to be optimistic about economic growth in 2019? Do the January numbers prove how “non-essential” federal employees really didn’t matter to the economy? Is Brexit important to America’s growth? How much will the UK save if they leave the European Union? Is there anything more important for the economy than the trade deal with China? Fox Business Contributor, Scott "The Cow Guy" Shellady joins Dan and Amy to discuss the January jobs report.

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Taxing The Tippy Top

Can Ocasio-Cortez fool all Americans with a tax hike despite claiming she only wants higher taxes on those “at the tippy top?” How do America’s tax rates compare to European models that liberals cling to? Is the trade war with China irreparably harming manufacturing and need to come to an end? Is Grover Norquist, President of Americans for Tax Reform, “down with AOC?” Norquist joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Is This What Winning A Tax War Looks Like?

President Trump says he's "A tariff man" which is to say "a tax man" which is to say he is saying we're going to tax our way to prosperity which is to say he's wrong. Is this what winning the tax war looks like? Why is Trump walking away from his 90-day China trade truce? Is this just another example of Trump's negotiation tactics? Why are steel and aluminum companies' share prices down if Trump's tariffs are helping them? Dan and Amy are joined by Stephen Moore Wall Street Journal Columnist; Chief Economist for CNN & President Trump advisor.


Getting China To Say Yes

Should the goal be to get China to say yes to anything? How did the stock market react to the G20 Summit? Rather than sweeping differences under the rug, why is Trump airing the dirty laundry in our relationship with China? Will Trump force China to change their business model? Is the Chinese government on shakier ground than typically considered? CNBC contributor, Jim Iuorio joins Dan and Amy to discuss the economic impact of the China agreement.


Remembering The Life And Legacy Of George H.W. Bush

Was Bush 41 the most truly prepared person to be president? Did he have quite possibly the best national security/foreign policy team in American history? Speaking of foreign policy, how did Trump fare over the weekend at the G20 Summit with a new NAFTA agreement and temporary truce in the trade war with China? Former Deputy Undersecretary of Defense, Jed Babbin joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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