Census, Political Power And Money

Should there be a citizenship question on the census? Is citizenship necessary for the purpose of the census? Why didn’t Congress exercise their power and instead ceded to the high court? SCOTUS correspondent for The Atlantic and law professor, Garret Epps joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Repeal Now. Replace Later?

There seems to be a consensus among those who understand Beltway dynamics that conservatives are close to coming on board the GOP Healthcare Bill. What can we anticipate on the Healthcare Reform effort after the 4th of July recess? What is the likelihood that the Healthcare Reform bill will be split into two initiatives: Repeal now. Replace later? Will there be a new "face" of the Trump Administration after the 4th of July? FNC Congressional Correspondent Mike Emanuel joins Dan and Amy with the inside scoop from Capitol Hill.

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Comey Fired: Reaction From The Hill

What's the vibe among Congressional Republicans with regard to the Comey decision? What is feeling in the GOP caucus in Washington about why he was fired now? Are there any names being floated as candidates for the position?  Senior Capitol Hill Correspondent for the Washington Examiner, David Drucker gives Dan and Amy his insights into the reaction of the noblemen and magistrates on Capitol Hill.

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What Did Sally Yates Know And When Did She Know It? You'll Probably Never Know.

If you really want to not get to the bottom of something, convene a Congressional committee. Democrats are doing their best to shock the Russian collusion story back to life, but couldn't they have asked some of these questions in private to move the process along? In a public hearing, only incomplete information can be shared. How can anyone make an accurate judgment based on that? How do you get to the truth when the people in a position to know the truth aren't telling it to you? Former US Attorney General and Dean of Belmont University School of Law Alberto Gonzales joins Dan and Amy to discuss. 

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Winds Of Change In Washington


A new deal on health care could be on the way as soon as this week. What is different about the new plan? In the Senate, will Republicans go nuclear over Neil Gorsuch? Washington Examiner Columnist David Freddoso joined Dan and Amy to weigh in on the major stories out of Washington.

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The Alternative to ACA Won't Be A Chapter From 'Capitalism & Freedom'

Is Paul Ryan's Obamacare replacement plan a policy win? What are the political ramifications if the bill is not passed? When it comes to Healthcare, why is the challenge for Republicans in 2017 different than it was in 2008? As Congress prepares for a vote, Senior Fellow at the CATO Institute and Healthcare expert Michael Tanner gives Dan and Amy his diagnosis of the Replacement Plan.

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Dan Proft & Stephen Moore

Dan Proft sits down with The Sultan of Supply-Side Economics, Heritage Foundation Distinguished Fellow Stephen Moore. Can the GOP extricate itself from rent-seeking corporate interests? What should a GOP POTUS with a GOP-controlled Congress accomplish by 2020? What are the policy choices that make rich states rich and poor states poor? Proft and Moore discuss these and other questions. You can catch Moore with Proft every Wednesday morning at 7:35am on Chicago's Morning Answer, AM 560 (560TheAnswer.com).

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