Congressional Republicans

Freedom And Free Enterprise

Congressman Sean Casten’s belief that more government equals more freedom is at odds with the voters in the 6th District, according to Jeanne Ives. Former State Rep. and candidate for governor, Jeanne Ives joins Dan and Amy to discuss why she is running for Congress and why she thinks she’s the best person to take on the big government politicians in D.C.

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GOP Blueprint For 2020

Did Trump lay out the blueprint on immigration to clarify the GOP’s position heading into 2020? Why aren’t Republicans addressing the backdoor government take over of the private health insurance market? Are Republicans getting jumpy as Trump cranks up the trade war with China? Anchor of Special Report on Fox News, Bret Baier joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Is It Finally Biden’s Time?

Are Congressional Republicans on the same page as Trump and want to move on from the Mueller report? Are white working class voters who supported Trump in 2016 going to switch to Biden in 2020? Will Biden’s message emphasize not scaring away independent voters with socialist ideas? Why is there a reluctance of Obama and his officials to endorse Biden? Editor of Washington Free Beacon, Matthew Continetti joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Politics And Policy Of Obamacare

What is the Republicans’ alternative to Obamacare? Should Congressional Republicans continue to hold a tough line on border security? Is immigration not a Republican problem but a Nancy Pelosi problem? Will Biden’s touchy/feely nature end his presidential chances? Editor at National Review, Rich Lowry joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Congressman Randy Hultgren Vs. Liberal Lauren Underwood

Is this the first time Hultgren has faced this kind of challenge in a solidly Republican area? Did his opponent move to Illinois just to become a politician? What is his response to her attacks about healthcare? Are all of her millions in campaign donations coming from Hollywood? Will there be total dysfunction if the Democrats take over the House? Congressman Randy Hultgren from the 14th District joins Dan and Amy to discuss his closing arguments against his opponent.

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Republican Push In The Suburbs

Congressional candidate, Jitrenda Diganvker, has dealt with the financial hardships of having to close his business, to the tragic loss of his daughters. Through that all, he is still proud to be an American and wants to serve the country that has brought him such great opportunities since he became a citizen in 2003. First time, Republican candidate for Congress in Illinois’ 8th District, Jitendra “JD” Diganvker joins Dan and Amy to discuss.  

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Establishment Republicans Mugged By Reality

Once again the U.S. Senate has distinguished itself as the world’s greatest deliberative body and vanguard of the Republic by putting high school yearbook committees across the country on notice.

Dennis Miller’s long ago formulation of Congress as a bunch of “mediocre intellects Earl Scheib-ed into looking somewhat consequential” has never been more clearly illustrated than by the current Senate Judiciary Committee.

My question is for establishment Republicans who were bailed out by Brett Kavanaugh and Sen. Lindsey Graham, two establishment Republicans recently mugged by the reality of the Left themselves: Does the Shakespearean farce you witnessed clarify things for you?

Do you now understand what you’re up against?

Will you now turn a deaf ear to the Left’s Siren songs?

Do you now realize that whether it’s the Supreme Court, Russian collusion, or tax cuts, the Left entices you with talk of common ground only to carpet bomb you as soon as you step onto it?

You should find it instructive when three former state attorneys general—Sens. Harris, Blumenthal and Whitehouse—discard the presumptions of the American justice system and thus the rule of law because they can.

Now you should locate your backbones.

You should define the stakes and bring the fight.

Brett Kavanaugh picked up the first round. November 6th is on you. 


Free Press Not Fair Press

Where was Ed Whelan’s judgment when he began accusing one of Kavanaugh’s former classmates of the alleged attack? What is Christine Ford’s list of demands to the committee? If she testifies, and the nomination is derailed, what are the political implications for November? How has the GOP lost the messaging on Trump's tax cuts? Senior Political Analyst for the Washington Examiner, Michael Barone joins Dan and Amy to discuss. 

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Double Standard Applied To Republicans

If you thought the Kavanaugh confirmation hearing was a disgraceful circus, what should we expect for the next hearing? Should this hearing even be happening? What are the consequences if Kavanaugh doesn’t get confirmed? Would Republicans be retreating from one fight and setting themselves up for the next one? Senior Editor at TheFederalist.com, David Harsanyi joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Who Could Defeat Trump In 2020?

Could JP Morgan boss Jamie Dimon beat Trump? Is the return to law and order still a driving issue for the GOP in the midterms? Do sanctuary cities declare everyone else second class citizens? Why is keeping the violence in Chicago “contained” a sense of accomplishment? Former Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke and speaker at Freedom Summit joins Dan and Amy to discuss. 

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Spare Us, Chuck Todd

With illegal border crossings up, should Trump work around Congress and scramble the military to build The Wall? Does the GOP have subpar Senate candidates? How has Chuck Todd become the ringmaster of politics in the beltway? Would the NYT have granted anonymity to an Obama White House staffer criticizing the then President? Senior Political Columnist for the Washington Examiner, Tim Carney joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Do Republicans Deserve A Spanking In The Midterms?

How are vulnerable Democrats like Heidi Heitkamp going to appease their constituents after every single Democrat voted against the tax cut? What happened to draining the swamp in D.C.? If Democrats want to guarantee a Trump victory in 2020, should they proceed with an impeachment trial if they take control of the House? Chief Economist for CNN, Steve Moore joins Dan and Shaun Thompson to discuss.

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Republicans’ Defeatism

Do Trump and Cuomo both think America isn’t that great unless they are in charge? Republicans talk about defeating what Democrats want to do, but what is their conservative policy agenda? Does that include pushing off border security funding? Associate Editor for Commentary Magazine, Noah Rothman joins Dan and Shaun Thompson to discuss.

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GOP Abandoning Law And Order Message

Law enforcement raided an Islamofascist compound in New Mexico where children were being trained to be killers. Where’s the media covering this? Is the GOP making a mistake in pushing off border security until after the midterms? Founder of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy, Dr. Zuhdi Jasser joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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The Rough Road Ahead

Is the Republican Party having trouble resonating with voters in Illinois? Is it even trying? How will the unpopularity of Donald Trump and Bruce Rauner in the Chicago Metropolitan Area affect the strategy of Republican candidates running for office? How can Trump clear up misconceptions about Russia? Congressman Peter Roskam joins Dan and Amy to discuss. 

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Obamacare Not GOP Care

After Congress’ failed rescue attempt of Obamacare, are Congressional Republicans prepared to right the ship? Does anyone question where the money for infrastructure spending is coming from rather than how or where it’s going to be spent? Rep. Peter Roskam from the 6th Congressional District joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Is The Trump Coalition Strong Enough To Endure The Midterms?

Will the different factions of the Trump coalition be able to hold Congress together come November? Are Congressional Republicans distancing themselves from Trump’s base and the more conservative base with their uncontrolled spending? Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution, Peter Berkowitz joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Obama Admin Chasing Legacy In Iran Deal

With Trump as President, is the U.S. finally bringing forth clarity in articulating the country’s foreign policy goals? The GOP is clawing back into the game for House control, can they claw back their profligate spending? Trump is tweeting to stay tuned with trade negotiations with China, what should we expect to come out of the talks? Rep. Peter Roskam from Illinois’ 6th Congressional District joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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“Mission Accomplished” In Syria?

Can the latest chemical attack in Syria serve as an opportunity for the Trump Administration to reach out to its European allies to begin isolating the Iranian regime? What happened to the commitment to defund Planned Parenthood from Congressional Republicans? What’s the path to victory in 2018 for Republicans in the 6th Congressional District? Rep. Peter Roskam joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Trump Pivoting Back To His Base With Infrastructure Plan

Is Trump pivoting from the unpopular omnibus bill back to his infrastructure plan to reinvigorate his base? Should Congressional Republicans take the lead from Republicans at the state level who are going around Obamacare and lowering premiums for their residents? Is Sessions doing the right thing resisting a second special counsel but deploying a prosecutor to probe allegations of FBI and DOJ wrongdoing? Senior Political Analyst for the Washington Examiner, Michael Barone joins Dan and Shaun to discuss.

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