Conservative Women

Women For Trump

Is Mueller anything more than a political prop for the Democrats? Is the “Squad” the gift that keeps on giving? Are women more concerned about providing for their families than nitpicking every one of Trump’s tweets? Retired Marine Gunnery Sergeant and member of the Trump Women’s Advisory Council, Jessie Jane Duff joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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A Look Of Pain

After Leslie Dean assisted a doctor in an abortion and saw the look of pain and distress on the aborted baby’s face, she went home sick regretting her abortions and realizing the pain she inflicted on her babies. Leslie now works at a pregnancy care center where they provide young women with parenting programs, provide clothes, and also have post abortion counseling. Leslie Dean, a registered nurse, joins Dan and Amy to share her powerful story and discuss why she supports the Alabama pro-life laws.

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Rep. Amash Breaks From Republicans On Impeachment

Are Republicans unified around President Trump aside from Rep. Amash? Is Trump being tough enough on Russia? Are Republicans worried about women leaving the party? What is the training like for those who guard the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington Cemetery? Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) joins Dan and Amy to discuss his new book “A Sacred Duty.”

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Feminist Toxicity

Are the second and third wave feminists turning women and their children against each other? What are some of the positive effects of the feminist movement? Are socially conservative women out there but ignored? Author and philosopher, Carrie Gress joins Dan and Amy to discuss her new book and the inspiration she drew from Mary, the Virgin Mother.

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Hillary Clinton: The Republican’s Secret Weapon

Will more suburban women ultimately vote GOP than the pollsters think? Does the electorate believe Hillary Clinton is liability to the Democrats? Should you vote with your head or emotions? Is identity politics shaming finally coming to a head? Author and culture critic, Suzanne Venker joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Safety And Security Messaging Heading Into The Midterms

Will “Beautiful” Ted win out against Beto O’Rourke, “a highly overrated guy?” Is Trump blowing smoke on promising more tax cuts? Are women across the country unhappy with Trump’s bluster but happy with his accomplishments from a policy perspective? Senior political correspondent for the Washington Examiner, David Drucker joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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The Logic Of The Anti-Choice Left


Many on the political left - who claim to support a woman's right to choose - are outraged over the recent SCOTUS decision in Janus v. AFSCME. The ruling gave women (and men) who work for the state the right to choose whether or not they associate with a labor union. So, what's the problem? Do Chicagoans Follow the Left's Logic? 


“I'm So Happy Trump's Not A "Feminist"

Is it really breaking news that Trump declares he’s not a feminist? Is the litmus test for feminism dependent on your views on abortion? Does the modern feminist movement bare any resemblance to what it stood for in the past? Were there any specific goals of the women attending the recent Women’s Marches? Culture critic, Suzanne Venker joins Dan and Amy to discuss

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Moms: Why Do You Do What You Do?

Through Upstream Ideas and The Illinois Opportunity Project, we get to work with women who are outstanding advocates and awesome moms. In honor of Mother's Day, we asked them to share with us why they do what they do. These are just some of their stories!

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