“We Belong Here”

What perception needs to be corrected about people with down syndrome? What does Karen Gaffney, the first person with down syndrome to swim across the English Channel, say to people who think people with down syndrome aren’t compatible with living a good life? Karen Gaffney joins Dan and Amy to discuss her advocacy for persons with disabilities.

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Maximizing The Potential Of Every Person

Ikes Bites Dog Treats in Milwaukee employs adults who have aged out of special education programs and serves as a safety net to provide job training and work skills for our society’s most vulnerable. Development Director for the Eisenhower Center, David Ordan joins Dan and Amy to discuss the business model and the handmade treats enjoyed by dogs everywhere.

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Choose Kindness

“Augie can’t change the way he looks but we can change the way we see.” Augie is a character in the new movie “Wonder”, based on the novel, about a young boy with facial deformities and his journey of self-acceptance and the relationships he makes along the way. The message of choosing kindness is prevalent throughout the film and inspires everyone to embrace each other’s differences; to see others for who they really are and not simply the way they look on the outside. Todd Lieberman, one of the producers of the film, joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Proft Speaking At City Club - How Illinois Is Hurting Its Most Vulnerable, And We’re Letting It Happen

Dan Proft did not sugar coat the reality of lying Illinois politicians and their failed policies that are steadily driving the state into the ground. But it’s no longer a question of politics as usual – it’s now a question of our moral responsibility to change the status quo. The policies in this state have real consequences and our most vulnerable are getting hurt, while many others are moving out in droves. Listen to Dan as he speaks at the City Club of Chicago, where he not only lays out how the political ruling class in Illinois and Chicago got us into this mess, but also challenges us to put our morals where our mouths are by voting to enact real change. We can only blame ourselves for allowing the state to continue to sink.

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Lives Worth Choosing

For the past nine years in Iceland, every child diagnosed with Down Syndrome in utero was aborted for that reason. Where does the Pro-Choice community draw the line? See if you can Follow the Logic.

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