Donald Trump

Are We Watching The Downfall Of A Presidency In Real Time?

When there is an issue of executive misconduct in our system, what is the recourse? Is the existence of an investigation an exogenous factor on its own? When the Clinton's participated the Uranium One deal, why was it effectively ignored by the DC Press Corp? Dan Proft and Shaun Thompson (Shaun from Elmwood Park) discuss the fallout from the revelations about Don Jr's meeting with a Russian lawyer with Former Chief Assistant US Attorney, Andrew McCarthy. 


Journalism Is Authentically Better Than Ever

Despite what some conservatives claim, journalism is not only not dead, it’s better than ever.

The charge of “fake news” whether from the left or the right is the verbal equivalent of a white flag on the battlefield of ideas.

The person leveling that charge is almost invariably saying that they cannot defend their underlying position on the merits and thus are using this dismissive phrase to cover their retreat.

In fact, news is more authentic than ever.

But what about the open hostility and manifest bias of the DC press corps?

Would you rather the hostility and bias that has pervaded the DC press corps for generations preceding Trump continue to be covered by a patina of false congeniality and ersatz objectivity?

In a recent article in The New Republic, allegedly the thinking liberal’s outlet, Leah Finnegan calls on the media to be the true opposition party to POTUS. Schumer and Pelosi aren’t hard core enough.

To that conservatives should say, thank you, Ms. Finnegan.

Conservatives have long understood the Beltway media to be the opposition party. The fact The New Republic and other leftist outlets are stripping away their pretense of neutrality is conceding conservatives’ point.

That’s called victory. And there’s nothing fake about it.


What Is The Future For School Choice? AEI's Rick Hess On Education Reform

What is the future for the school choice movement across the country? Dan Proft talks to Rick Hess, the director of education policy studies at the American Enterprise Institute, about education reform efforts at both the federal and state levels.

What mistakes do we need to correct in education? And why aren't more politicians willing to own up to them? Proft and Hess take a deep look at both the good and bad in education policy over the last few decades.

Also, which states are the best models for school choice? Could anything be done at the federal level to expand school choice? Hess shares his thoughts on Betsy DeVos' confirmation to lead the Department of Education, too, and whether or not he thinks school choice advocates are winning the arguments they're trying to make.


Mark Glennon Is One Of The Most Dangerous Men In IL

Mark Glennon is a former corporate attorney and venture capitalist who understands bond markets, public sector pensions, the truth about Illinois' confiscatory property tax system and the rest of the state's financial house of cards and he breaks it all down at the news site he founded, Wirepoints.com. Glennon's facility with translating the Illinois Ruling Class' fantasy math into the tangible human costs it imposes makes him a dangerous man to Illinois pols and a must-read for Illinois residents.

On this edition of Against The Current, we explore questions with Mr. Glennon like, does Illinois have problems that can be solved or is it simply in a predicament with inevitable outcomes short of changes to federal bankruptcy law?  Can underfunded pension be salvaged? Is there a way to bring Illinois home values back, particularly for the 500,000 homes that are seriously underwater? What will happen to Illinois if it continues to lead the nation in out-migration?

We'll explore all of these topics and more with Wirepoints.com Founder Mark Glennon on this installment of Against The Current.

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Chicago Police Chief On Violence, DOJ, Trump

What is the state of Chicago police morale? Will Chicago police effort to conduct more investigatory stops after a severe drop-off in 2016? Why was the civilian political leadership of Chicago given a free pass by the Department of Justice in their report? Is the performance of Chicago police and the safety on Chicago streets really mostly a matter of training? What role/responsibility does the Cook County States' Attorney's Office and the U.S. Attorney's Office have in aiding Chicago police? Eddie Johnson tackles these and other questions when he joined Dan & Amy.

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Trump’s Appeal To Millenials

Gabrielle Jackson Boche, author, entrepreneur and member of Evangelical Women For Trump, joins Dan and Amy to discuss why she believes Trump appeals to millennials. They also touch on a recent poll from Pew Research that said, "60% of people who say they’re voting for Hillary have a hard time respecting Trump voters, yet only 40% of Trump voters feel the same way about Clinton voters."

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POTUS Debate Post-Mortem w/ Trump Surrogate Steve Cortes And Counterterrorism Expert Dr. Sebastian Gorka

Watch both interviews now. 

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Fmr MI Congressman: Trump Absolutely Qualified To Be Commander-in-Chief

Former Rep. Pete Hoekstra spent 18 years in Congress and a preponderance of those years on the House Select Intelligence Committee. He is a national security surrogate for the Donald Trump campaign.

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GOP Appoints Suburban Mayor, History & Economics Teacher To State Senate

Meet newly appointed State Senator Tom Rooney who joined Dan & Amy this morning.

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No Joke. Renowned Political Satirist PJ O’Rourke Explains Why He’s Voting for Hillary

P.J. O’Rourke joined Dan & Amy to explain how he could in good conscience vote for Hillary Clinton for President. O’Rourke addressed both of Dan’s theories as to why he is voting Hillary: (1) a Trump Presidency will be impossible to satirize, or (2) he is hoping NPR’s Ira Glass will do a retrospective on his life.

View full transcript

Dan Proft: Yo, yo, yo, Dan and Amy. Amy Jacobson: Excuse me? Dan Proft: You know why I did the yo, yo, yo? Because I was thinking of Christopher Buckley, the refined son of William F. Buckley; in 2008, Christopher Buckley pended an Op-Ed in support of Barrack Obama; he voted for him. Amy Jacobson: Are you still getting over that? Dan Proft: Christopher Buckley probably is. He did it because I think – it’s me reading into it – not like Christopher Buckley’s ‘Wry Martinis’, or some of his other work, but I think he did it because he wanted to stay within the acceptable parameters of the New York city cocktail set. Amy Jacobson: So the social pressures made him do it? Dan Proft: You know, thinking this was the in thing to do is a bit of a radical chic going on there during the hetty days of 2007-2008. But I don’t think that’s why PJ O’Rourke came out with his endorsement of Hillary Clinton last week. We talked about it. I have two theories on why he said he is supporting Hillary Clinton; he did it on NPR, that’s important; so one theory is that he’s afraid that if Donald Trump wins, it will be impossible to satirize the administration; so he’s concerned just from a personal work product perspective; the second theory is that he’s trying to get Ira Glass to do a retrospective on his life. I’m not sure which it is, so we’d better ask him. PJ O’Rourke, noted political satirist whom I’ve been reading since my safe space days at Northwestern. PJ, thanks so much for joining us, appreciate it. PJ O’Rourke: Oh, man, an Ira Glass retrospective, ah; sat still my heart. Amy Jacobson: See? Dan Proft: Yeah, exactly. See? Amy Jacobson: I’m thinking you nailed it, Dan. PJ O’Rourke: What was your other theory? Oh, the old, it’d be impossible to satirize. Well, there certainly is that. I loathe and detest Hillary, but I have to say that… I wanted to talk to you about… Chris Buckley and I are very close friends. Dan Proft: Okay. PJ O’Rourke: I gave Chris a lot of grief for endorsing Obama. The reason he did it was not the cocktail circuit parameters and stuff, in fact, he got in a bunch of trouble. He got thrown off the national review board. Dan Proft: Yeah, sure. PJ O’Rourke: A lot of people wouldn’t speak to him. He actually got all sorts of grief in his private life for that. It was Sarah Palin; he just thought she was nuts. He said, “My dad spent 50 years driving the crazy people out of the conservative movement; I’m not letting them back in”. Dan Proft: Since you’re good friends with him, what does he say 7 years later? PJ O’Rourke: Well, I wouldn’t say he’s pleased his punch over the experience that we’ve had here. And I told him at the time, you don’t have to, you can just not endorse Sarah. Dan Proft: But so, to that discussion you had with Buckley about… PJ O’Rourke: You know, I’m into Chris Buckley. Dan Proft: Exactly, explain yourself. PJ O’Rourke: Hillary operates within the known parameters of bad and we’ve had 8 years of experience with the known parameters of bad. We’ve kind of, in the financial world, we would say we’ve discounted Hillary. We know where the landmines are planted, we have a coping strategy; it’s not good, but it is the known bad. With Trump, the volatility index is too high; we don’t know what we’re going to get. The man is ignorant. I’m not even sure, he’s obviously possessed of peasant cunning; I’m not even sure he’s very smart. But there are way too many unknowns. He creeps me out, and I sort of feel like you’re letting a toddler in your trailer home, or you’ve got a loaded pistol and sooner or later he’s going to find the launch codes. Amy Jacobson: I agree that he’s dangerously unstable, and I don’t know what I’m going to do personally, because it’s a frightening thing, but what if you think toward the future about supreme court justices? Don’t you feel guilty about that a little bit? PJ O’Rourke: We’re going to pay a big, big price. When I endorsed Hillary I put it in stark terms. I said, “Dorothy’s house fell on her. I endorse her” Dorothy and Toto crushed her, I endorse her. She is wrong about everything, I endorse her. And the price, that is a steep price. She is going to appoint people so nutty to the Supreme Court, and if we have a worst case scenario in November, we may not have the senate to stop her from doing it. My only hope is that they will be so silly that they will spend all their time arguing about transgender bathrooms. Dan Proft: Correct, and I should mention PJ O’Rourke’s most recent offering, “Thrown under the omnibus”, a reader, so you’d want to pick that up. So let’s play this out a little bit further. The Supreme Court and Trump being the unknown, you don’t know what to fear the most about Trump because he’s taken every position under the sun on every issue. At least you have some upside potential with Trump, that he could actually take a name from the list of potential Supreme Court Justices the Heritage Foundation provides, or the Federalist Society provides, and actually nominate one and get through Senate confirmation hearing, whereas you just described what we know what we’re going to get with Hillary. PJ O’Rourke: Yeah, the upside there is that you never really know how Supreme Court Justices are going to turn out. Scalia and Thomas, yes, they’ve turned out as predicted, but there have been others that have not, and it seems like they only tact the left. Dan Proft: That’s right, but at least we have a puncher’s chance if it’s the Heritage and the Federal Society vetting them. PJ O’Rourke: It’s a strong argument, but I’m not sure that it outweighs who the guy is. Dan Proft: What about this, particularly since you’re a libertarian leaning type to begin with, why go all the way over to Hillary? Why not go to Garry Johnson as a protest form? PJ O’Rourke: I would love to, except I had a talk with Mike Bloomberg, Mayor Bloomberg, about this. Bloomberg was considering a third party run. I didn’t talk to him about that, I’d kidded him, I said, “Mike, I’ve got 5 dollars right here in my pocket to start dark money… cash” I will contribute right up to my personal financial limit, which is about $5 to your election, please run. But Mike did the math, and Mike’s good at math; he came to the conclusion that he would have run if it was Bernie versus Trump. He came to the conclusion that any third party effort basically makes it more likely that Hillary will win; that the outcome of voting for Hillary and voting for Gary Johnson turns out to be the same. Dan Proft: Yeah, but voting for Gary Johnson you can sleep at night. PJ O’Rourke: Well, there is that. If I were in a deep blue or a deep red state, if I weren’t in a swing state, I’d do that. Amy Jacobson: So, is there any change, PJ O’Rourke, that you might change your mind? Maybe you’d go back on wait until Tommy will take it back. PJ O’Rourke: Yeah, if a miracle happened and we had a Paul Ryan or something run, yeah, sure, I would switch on a dime, because I’m deeply unhappy. The thing is, I think Hillary is actually going to be better at doing bad things than Obama. Dan Proft: She’s had 25 years of practice, so that helps a lot. PJ O’Rourke: She is like if the Klingons had a Spock, you know? He is Spock, and there’s a reason why Spock was not captain of that starship. Amy Jacobson: Has Donald Trump reacted to your rejection? PJ O’Rourke: Not that I know of, but I’m not somebody that spends a lot of time strolling through twitter feeds. Dan Proft: That’s the only way you’d know, that’s right. PJ O’Rourke: I have a life. Dan Proft: So explain, from your perspective, why Trump? Why the revolts that has Trump as its Rorschach inkblot for what they’re upset about? PJ O’Rourke: I interviewed a lot of Trump supporters – we’ve got a lot of Trump supporters here in New Hampshire – and I was doing a piece on our primary for BBC; I’d have to explain this to foreigners, hard enough to explain it to… and I really liked the Trump supporters that I interviewed. They tend to be – not to generalize – but they tend to be skilled blue-collar, often small business people. They really feel the flat line of the Obama supposed recovery. They look around themselves, and government just isn’t working for them. The public schools are junk, the roads are full of potholes. God knows what’s coming out of your water tap; it’s not just flint. The national infrastructure is lousy, all of a sudden they’re faced with raising the minimum wage when they can’t even find workers that are worth $8/hour, let alone $15. All these regulations about healthcare are falling on small businesses, and they turn on the television and what’s the political elite talking about? Transgender bathrooms, and they’re going, “I run a logging operation, we don’t even got a bathroom on the woods”. Amy Jacobson: Yeah, priorities are messed up. PJ O’Rourke: The problem with these folks is that they’re not politically engaged, they’re not politically sophisticated. They overestimate what an outsider president would actually be able to do. They’re not paying as much attention as they should be to the downticket races, to the state legislature, the congressmen, the senators, who are really, in some ways, more important. They don’t love Trump. They know he’s a vulgar guy, and they don’t even trust him really, so it’s a kind of middle finger to the whole political establishment. Who can blame them for giving it? Dan Proft: Right, he’s a blunt instrument, and the Republican Party, in terms of what they’ve done and not done deserves to be hit repeatedly with a blunt instrument. PJ O’Rourke: Absolutely, because republicans, yeah, they’ve been successfully obstructionist about some things. I mean, we want them to obstruct, but where are they when you want the alternative? Okay, ObamaCare is a mess, it’s a disaster, it’s a horrible expensive ticking time-bomb, but on the other hand, we all agree in America that we don’t want anybody to lose their house because of medical expenses. The boat, maybe, but not the house… Dan Proft: He is PJ O’Rourke, he’s the man who famously said, “Giving money and power to government is like giving whiskey and car keys to teenage boys”, among other witticism; his latest offering, “Thrown under the omnibus”, a reader. PJ O’Rourke, thanks so much for joining us, appreciate it. PJ O’Rourke: Hey, thanks for having me on, it’s always fun with you guys. Dan Proft: Thank you. Amy Jacobson: Thanks. Dan Proft: Let’s take a couple of calls here, John, on the Kennedy, you’re on Chicago’s Morning Answer. John: Hi, I was just calling in, once I stopped my eyes from bleeding. That guy’s a buffoon, and you played right into his hands. This was a desperate attempt for him to try to stay relevant. He’s not witty or clever. He contradicted himself every other sentence. And this idea that somehow Hillary Clinton would be better for the country knowing everything that she will do wrong, he talked the Supreme Court, he talked about how awful ObamaCare is, and yet he’s always going to vote for her and flush everything down the toilet because he doesn’t like Donald Trump. It doesn’t make any sense. Dan Proft: Thanks for the call, John. I love PJ O’Rourke, but I agree with John about the voting for Hillary. There just isn’t a moral or intellectual defense to voting for Hillary Clinton, I’m sorry. We’ll be back with more, including my fantasy presidential match-up that involves neither Trump, nor Hillary, but it does involve two millionaires straight after this.

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The bigger issue with Trump's campaign manager that no one is talking about

"This speaks to leadership. Leaders set the standards for their organizations and then they hold their organization accountable." Kathleen Murphy of the Illinois Opportunity Project appeared on FOX Chicago this morning to discuss Donald Trump's campaign managers battery charges.

View full transcript

Craig Wall: Joining us to talk about it Kathleen Murphy of the Illinois Opportunity Project. Kathleen, good to see you, as always. Kathleen Murphy: Good to see you. Craig Wall: So the Trump campaign say they’re not going to fire Lewandowski. Trump says that he is absolutely innocent of these charges. What do you make of all this, and what sort of impact is this going to have? Kathleen Murphy: I don’t know if it’s going to have an impact with his voters. They tend to support him no matter what, but this speaks to leadership; I mean, leaders set the standards for their organization and then they hold their organization accountable to those standards. Republicans should be paying attention to it, because their complaints have been there for eight years, we’ve had a president who wouldn’t hold the IRS accountable for targeting organizations that were related to political and religious… because of their political and religious affiliations, or he wouldn’t hold the State Department accountable for the death of an Ambassador and three navy seals. This goes to leadership. Craig Wall: Let me ask you, Ted Cruz’s also come out to say what this really is is a great example of a culture surrounding Trump’s campaign - a campaign he believes is based on insults and things of that nature, and attacks. What do you think of that? Kathleen Murphy: Sure, I mean it could have all been cleared up. It could have all gone away with a simple apology. That’s all Michelle Fields ever wanted; instead they attacked her reputation. They lied about what happened. They called her delusional, like you said. She had no choice but to defend herself; and how do you defend yourself against a man who’s midnight Tweets make headline news? You have to have your story validated. Craig Wall: The other thing we’re talking this morning – that’s not the only bad news for the Trump campaign. There’s a former strategist for the pro Donald Trump super PAC that wrote an open letter yesterday, pretty much asking Trump supporters to back away from the candidate, explaining why she believes she is not who he says he is. That he’s grossly unprepared to be commander in chief, and goes on and on and on about how she isn’t convinced he even wants the White House at all. How damaging can something like this be? Kathleen Murphy: I don’t think it’s damaging, again, with his supporters, because they support him no matter what; this becomes a bullet point under his laundry list of negatives, right? What she did – it’s the concern people have about his ability to be commander in chief, and she speaks and I agree with her; these Easter attacks were horrible, and it really underscored how little he understands about he Middle East. Craig Wall: Right, and what we’re talking about here; her name is Stephanie Cegielski, and I think we’ve got her quote here for you. She says, what set her off was an essay. This essay was a tweet that Trump put out on Sunday night, and it read “Another radical Islamic attack, this time in Pakistan, targeting Christian women & children. At least 67 dead, 400, injured”. And he ends it by saying “I alone can solve.” And this set her off, because she said “No one can solve that”. Kathleen Murphy: No, but it took away any credibility he had from the APAC conference. Craig Wall: Alright. Kathleen, thanks for being here. We appreciate it, as always. Kathleen Murphy: Thank you.


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Kathleen Murphy discusses the results of the Illinois primary on FOX Chicago

View full transcript

Fox 32 Anchor: We're joined now by Attorney Sam Adam Jr. and Communications Director for the Illinois Opportunity Project, Kathleen Murphy. Thanks for coming in to analyze the results here. Sam Adam Jr.: Thank you. Kathleen Murphy: Thank you. Fox 32 Anchor: We want to start with the GOP race. We've got Donald Trump with big wins, 'Huge' wins I should say, but losing in Ohio, he's got a substantial delegate lead over his closest republican challenger Ted Cruz. So how do you see this panning out? Can Cruz and Kasich catch up before the convention in July? Kathleen Murphy: Donald Trump doubled his lead last night. It was a huge night like you said. I don't think Kasich winning in Ohio, I mean it's nice to win in your home state, but he has won 1 state out of 29. Mathematically he can't do it. Ted Cruz has multiple wins over Donald Trump but the establishment hates him. Right now the GOP establishment needs to decide what they are going to do. Are you going to come in for the guy you hate, but has proven he can win and beat Donald Trump, or are you going to go with the guy you like and feel you can work with but hasn't been able to win anywhere but in his home state. And Governors always win in their home states. They need to make up their minds what they are going to do and they need to do it right now. Fox 32 Anchor: I'm going to throw another question at you Sam. With the winners we say last night, we have Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton presumably as well, what does that say about what Americans want as their next President? Sam Adam Jr.: That's a very good question. We are in a time that I have not seen in my entire lifetime which is so polarizing, so opposite. You have those on the left that really seem to want change, but for government to come in. You have those on the right who really now have moved even more conservative to the idea that government is not going to be part of our lives. We're going to get rid of it as much as possible. IF that means we're going to call people names, we're going to keep people out of the country, so be it. That's where we're at in this country. It's going to be a very interesting race come November if it is Clinton vs Trump. Because you're going to see two polar opposites come head-to-head. With Donald's money and the Clinton name, it's going to be one heck of a fight. Fox 32 Anchor: Talk about an interest contest because we have the republicans declaring Donald Trump the winner in Missouri, still no declared winner for the democrats. Basically a margin on both sides of .2% between the first and second place winners, so it's really interesting in that state. Lets talk though very quickly the democrats as well and the delegate count because we did with the republicans. Kathleen, do you think there's anyway that Bernie Sanders can catch up to Hillary Clinton? Kathleen Murphy: He's giving her a run for her money which I like. I mean who would have thought a 74 year old socialist would challenge Hillary Clinton. I think that is the nature of their race. It's the enthusiasm gap. People are looking for something that is from outside of Washington and we see it on both sides of the isle. It's been a major factor in this race. So I wouldn't count him out yet. I think he can do it. I don't think he could overcome Hilary, but I think he could give her a very strong run for her money. Sam Adam Jr.: He's never going to be able to overcome Hillary at this stage. But what he can do is change the message. He can say 'Listen, this is what American seems to want, at least on the left, and I'll stay in this race and keep my message going, and you need to start coming more toward where we are. You have to understand, once you get in that general election, these people want to hear more of Bernie Sanders out of Hillary.' If he can start changing that message, we're going to have one heck of a democratic side. Fox 32 Anchor: That would be a win for him even if he isn't the nominee, right? Alright we're going to talk about the Cook County States Attorney with you too coming up in the next half hour. Another interesting race here. ------- Fox 32 Anchor: We're joined now by Attorney Sam Adams Jr. and Kathleen Murphy, communications for the Illinois Opportunity Program. Thanks again for joining me. We didn't scare you off the first time. Sam Adam Jr.: No, no, no. Fox 32 Anchor: Ok. Lets start with the race for the Cook County States Attorney. Unbelievable numbers here. Kim Foxx beating incumbent Anita Alvarez in the democratic primary. 58% to 29%. What does this indicate to you both about what voters are thinking here in Cook County? Sam Adam Jr.: Obviously they sent a very strong message here that they did not want Anita Alvarez. I said yesterday, if people come out in strong numbers, big numbers, that Kim Foxx was going to win this race, and she did. I think it sends a very strong message that says 'We need to be heard, we need to have fairness, we are going to make sure everyone is held accountable.' They sent that message to Kim and I think she got it. Fox 32 Anchor: : The endorsements helped as well that she received. Kathleen Murphy: Yes, absolutely. This was a bad night for Rahm Emanuel actually. This was a referendum on him. 2019 is not that far away. It was a proxy war between the establishment and the anti-establishment and the anti-establishment won. Fox 32 Anchor: Kathleen can you tell us a little bit about who Foxx is going to be facing in November? Her republican challenger. Kathleen Murphy: Of the 4 who were in the field, I think he was the most qualified. He's a 31 year criminal prosecution attorney. He has a background as a teacher, he's a certified teacher. I think republicans should advance the guy. Clearly there's an appetite for reform in the city with this victory and I think republicans should start to advance the case for something that is substantially different. Fox 32 Anchor: Something to keep in mind, Kim Foxx did not win it all outright. She still has a republican challenger in November. We want to transition to the race for US Senate. Congresswoman Tammy Duckworth beating her democratic challengers Andrea Zopp and Napoleon Harris. Incumbent Senator Mark Kirk beats his challenger James Marter on the republican side. So we have a Kirk vs Duckworth battle for November. I know you guys went all out on this yesterday, but I'm asking you the question today: who wins? Sam Adam Jr.: Oh, definitely Duckworth at least in my opinion. She's going to pull that out. I think voters cannot get behind Mark Kirk anymore. I think they don't want to be behind him. Tammy Duckworth is coming in, adding a fresh face. She has a message. She's run a very clean campaign. I think it's going to continue to be a very clean campaign. I think the Senate needs to be definitely diverse and she's going to be bring some of that as well. I think she's going to be able to get all of the voters behind her. She's going to Washington. Fox 32 Anchor: Kathleen, I know that Mark Kirk saying in his victory speech last night that he's been consistently underrated in the polls. So can he pull out a win? Kathleen Murphy: No. He has done nothing for his face. He voted against defunding Planned Parenthood. He voted against school choice. He's anti 2nd Amendment. What is the difference between him and Tammy Duckworth? Why would anyone who is interested in policy agenda that he is advancing vote for someone with an R behind their name? He can't beat her. ------- Fox 32 Anchor: Now we're joined by Attorney Sam Adam Jr. and Communications Director for the Illinois Opportunity Project, Kathleen Murphy to talk about what's going on politically, especially at the national level right now. Thanks for coming in guys. Sam Adam Jr.: Appreciate it. Fox 32 Anchor: Lets start with you Kathleen. Is there anyway of stopping Donald Trump right now. Certainly the idea that he can't capture the delegate count he needs to secure the nomination before the convention suggests that the stop Trump folks have some hope to get something done at the convention. Is that realistic? Do you see that happening? Kathleen Murphy: He seems unstoppable. He doubled his delegate lead last night. The story out of last night was that the Washington establishment is lost. They have been beaten badly. Washington politicians, republican politicians, have been weak, they have been cowardly, they have broken promises immigration, on Obamacare, on spending. The people who are looking at this race, who's quality of life has been declining for years now who have supported them, want something substantially different. Donald Trump is substantially different. I don't like him, but he makes people like, with him in the White House, they can take control of their lives again and they can improve their futures. That is a very attractive message right now. Fox 32 Anchor: Sam, talk to me about Bernie Sanders. The Michigan magic was saw last week was not in evidence last night. Why? Sam Adam Jr.: I think that people believe Hillary can win an overall election. Bernie is resonating, don't get that mixed up here. Exactly what she's talking about on the republican side is happening on the democratic side. There are people who want to feel as if their politicians are about them. That it's no longer about Washington and doing things for themselves. Bernie makes you feel that way when you listen to him. He says 'Look, I know who to blame, which is the 1%, and we can make your lives better by taking from them and moving it down.' That's resonating. Now what I think is going to end up happening here, is he's going to be able to shape the message for the democrats going forward. He's not going to to probably be able to pull this out and win. It's going to end up being mathematically impossible. But if he can take his delegates and he can take his people that back him and change the message, and make Hillary move further to the left, that is a victory for him. Fox 32 Anchor: Kathleen, question about John Kasich. Finally won a state. His home state of Ohio last night. Staving off Donald Trump. Lot of excitement with the Kasich folks. Folks who support him. Mathematically though he's got no chance to win the delegate count. But he says he's in it to the end. What is he hoping for? What is his path to the nomination? Kathleen Murphy: I don't think he has one. But you know what's interesting, we started this race with 9 republican governors and last night was the first win for any of them. The GOP needs to decide right now what they're going to do. Are you going to come in behind the guy who you hate? But has won, has beaten Trump. Or are you going to come in behind the guy you like and think you can work with but hasn't won anywhere but his home state.

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Exclusive: Dan & Amy Interview Pres. Candidate Gov. John Kasich

Just before winning big in Ohio, Dan Proft & Amy Jacobson interviewed Presidential hopeful, Governor John Kasich.

Just before winning big in Ohio, Dan Proft & Amy Jacobson interviewed Presidential hopeful, Governor John Kasich. Full transcript:

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Dan Proft's Commentary of the Nevada Caucuses on CBS Chicago

View full transcript

And joining me now for a closer look at the Republic in Canada is CBS 2 political analyst Dan Proft. Dan, let's get started with the results. They're not in quite yet, but Trump is likely to win. That's what we're hearing. So do you think that this means he's more likely to get the Republican nomination? Dan Proft: Yeah, he comes in tonight with double digit leads, and most of the polling coming in to the Nevada caucus. It'd be surprising. Even the Cruz and Rubio campaigns have essentially conceded, they're fighting for second place. It'd be surprising if Trump didn't win. And the problem that Cruz and Rubio have is you're on a short time horizon now, March 1st and March 15, and you have to do something to stop Donald from swagger. Because that's really what it is. It's not about substance within, it's swagger. And if he continues to win elections, and you continue to try and make 2nd or 3rd place sound like a victory, that's not doing anything to take Donald from swagger away. Let's talk more about Marco Rubio, then. He's gotten a lot of endorsements, even many coming in just yesterday. So even though Trump is winning so big, why do you up make the idea that these endorsements are still going to Rubio? Dan Proft: I think, with a few exceptions, they're almost meaningless. I think politicians endorsing politicians–this is the wrong election cycle for that to have currency. Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz are in a prisoner's dilemma game, and they're going to have if they want to stop the Trump Trajectory. If they don't want this race to end by March 15th, they're going to have to–instead having their sights turned on one another, both train their sights on Donald Trump. Al right, Dan Proft, our political analyst, thank you for your insights. Dan Proft: Thank you.


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Trump Won't Be Invited to Oklahoma Wesleyan University

Dr. Everett Piper, President of Oklahoma Wesleyan University, who made national news with his "A university is not a day care center" commentary last year in response to the totalitarian politically correct culture on college campuses put down another marker parting with Liberty University President Jerry Falwell, Jr, telling Dan & Amy that Donald Trump is not on the side of Christians and would not be invited to speak at Oklahoma Wesleyan University.

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Dan: Good morning. Whaddup, Dan and Amy. This programming note the McHenry County Republican Party is holding its annual Lincoln Leadership Dinner on February 6th at the Crystal Lake Holiday Inn. Speakers include retired NFL star Jim "RoboCop" Thorton. Remember him, Amy? RoboCop? Amy: Yes, I do remember him. Dan: How do you remember him? Amy: Oh, don't Dan: Finally. Is this Amy: Oh, no. Dan: Do you have, like, another Edward James Olmos story here? Amy: Oh, no. Oh, no. Anywho, yes, where is it going to be? Dan: RoboCop Thorton who also was a leadership specialist with 20+ years in U.S. Special Forces, McHenry County Republican Party space is limited so purchase your tickets today. Visit [inaudible].com and search the keyword "Lincoln." Amy: I think you speak at more Lincoln Day Dinners than anybody I know. Dan: And I'm a better speaker. Amy: Well, how many have you done? Dan: Iñ Amy: 30? Now we're back on it again? Dan: I've lost count. Amy: Okay. Dan: I've done many, many and they're always a ton of fun. Amy: Good. Dan: But this would be much more funnier from Thorton than hear from me. So Amy, as we talk about what's happening in college campuses around the country, we eliminate the schools that Payton and Eli, your two sons, can potentially attend. I think we Amy: I have my list. Dan: I think we basically eliminated about 80% of the colleges, universities in the country at this point. Amy: There's 32 on the list. Dan: Yeah. One of those schools, they may still attend. Amy: Yes. Dan: Is Oklahoma Wesleyan University. Amy: M-hmm. Dan: That is an evangelical Christian university. The president of that university came to a bit of a national attention in the midst of the all of the nonsense, the totalitarianism on college campuses, the lack of respect for intellectual diversity, for differences of opinion. When you wrote a piece that essentially explained why a university is not a daycare center in part, Dr. Everett Piper, the president of Oklahoma Wesleyan University wrote, at his school: "We teach you to be selfless rather than self-centered. We are more interested in you practicing personal forgiveness than political revenge. We want you to model interpersonal reconciliation rather than foment personal conflict." But: "Oklahoma Wesleyan is not a "safe place", it's a place to learn: to learn that life isn't about you, but about others; that the bad feeling you have while listening to a sermon is called guilt; that the way to address it is to repent. This is a place where you will learn quickly that you need to grow up. This is not a day care. This is a university." Maybe you should audit some classes at Oklahoma Wesleyan University as well. Amy: There you go. Dan: You could go with Payton and Eli. All right, so Dr. Everett Piper, the president of the foresaid Oklahoma Wesleyan University joins us now. Dr. Piper, thanks for being with us. Dr. Everett Piper: Thank you, I'm pleased to join you. Dan: So Dr. Jerry Falwell, Jr. at Liberty University, also an evangelical Christian university, invited Donald Trump to speak there, and then did him one better by endorsing him. You have said Donald Trump will not be invited to speak at Oklahoma Wesleyan and thereby your have no plans to endorse him. Why the difference of opinion with Jerry Falwell, Jr. and what did you think about his decision? Dr. Everett Piper: Well, my explanation is really quite brief and quite simple. Anyone who has mocked a handicapped, anyone who has called women fat, ugly, "pigs," and worse but I won't quote on the radio station right now anyone who has endorsed the fiscal wisdom of the Obama administration, anybody who has praised [inaudible] leadership prowess, anybody who has been on the cover of Playboy magazine and proud of it I could go on and on is not somebody who represents the ideals of Oklahoma Wesleyan University, and therefore, barring a debate, I would welcome him if he wants to come and debate his ideas with somebody else that disagrees with him. But to put him at the podium as if he's representing us and who we are as an institution would be unacceptable because that would be to disregard our mission, to disregard those things we hold dear as a Christian community and there's a time where you say, "No, that's not who we are. No, you're not going to be at my podium and speak as if you represent Oklahoma Wesleyan University." Dan: And then what about Falwell and the decision he made to invite him to Liberty to do just what you said you wouldn't do at Oklahoma Wesleyan, and then the decision to endorse? Dr. Everett Piper: Well, obviously, I disagree with that. And obviously, I wouldn't endorse him, and I'm not endorsing him. Dr. Falwell has actually said that the reason he's endorsing is because of his business [side?]. He's ran a successful business. And I understand that when you elect a president or electing a commander-in-chief, we're not electing a priest or a pastor. I understand that debate. However, I do think character matters. And character is important leadership. And leadership does dictate the general tone and cadence, if you will, of the cultural conversation. So I disagree with that. The reason [that he has?] children is because he wants a successful business well, let me ask this rhetorical question: if running a successful business is the predicate for being the president of the United States, why don't you endorse Hugh Hefner? He has ran a successful business. Amy: Do you think a possibility that Dr. Jerry Falwell, Jr., was he done any donations or any promises of monetary donations in the future? Is that why he might've endorsed him? Dr. Everett Piper: You know, actually, I've seen no evidence of that. I know a lot of people that are angry with Dr. Falwell that suggested that. That's speculation and I'm not going to go there. I don't know if there's any quid pro quo, and I really would be disappointed to find out that there is one. And I'm not going to suggest that there is unless somebody had evidence supporting [me?]. Dan: In the piece that you wrote about Donald Trump, you wrote, said: "I refuse to let my desire to win "trump" nice little play on words there "my moral compass. I refuse to let my desire to win "trump" my moral compass." That's such an interesting statement because in our political culture, we love the horse race. You have the bandwagging the fact whoever wins, that's where we need to be because they're winning. And we don't often, maybe often enough, ask the question, "What do we win if we 'win?'" Right? Dr. Everett Piper: What do you win if you saw off the branch upon which you're sitting? What are you going to win? You're going to fall down, you're going to get hurt because you hit the ground, as a result with falling off the moral branch upon which you're sitting to make your argument. And if we believe in a constitutional republic, if we believe in the free people, if we believe in the values and virtues that have made this nation the most prosperous and the most free nation in human history which mostly anybody listening to me would have to admit that indeed, the United States has enjoyed those gifts of providence. If we believe in those things then we have to recognize we sit upon some branch that gives us that stability. And if victory is more important than that branch of virtue, you saw that branch off, you come tumbling down, and you're going to be in a very ugly place. It's very similar to my argument in my Not a Day Care piece. I don't care about your victimization card, what I care about is you landing virtue. And frankly, Republican Party, I don't care about victory if you're going to sell your soul and sell your virtue to have that power. Let me [inaudible] for saying this: I used to be very critical, and still, I am very critical of the feminist movement for selling its soul to the power of Bill Clinton. Of all the people the feminist should've been [inaudible] with, it should've been a president who is having sex in the oval office with one of his interns. And then being accused by other women of sexual advances that's not rape and not being held accountable for those actions. Why did the feminist let that happen? It was pure and simple: power. They wanted power. Conservatives can't make the same [inaudible] by selling their soul for power and victory. Amy: So you think we're selling our soul to the devil by supporting Donald Trump? Some of us? Dr. Everett Piper: I'm not saying you're selling your soul to the devil. I think that's hyperbolic language that somebody else could say. So that's not my quote. But I'm saying is, yes. Amy: But I agree with what you're saying, though. Yes. Dr. Everett Piper: What I'm saying is this: is your virtue more important than a victory? Veritas. Truth. Latin for "truth" is veritas. Truth more important than winning and more important than the power that comes with the bully pulpit. There are times when you stand for what's right, and if you lose waving that banner, so be it. You lost doing the right thing. [inaudible] not to speakers to speaking, not to actors to act. Silence in the face of evil is evil itself. God will not [inaudible]. What happened to Bonhoeffer? He was hanged in a Nazi prison camp just before the end of World War II. Did he lose? I would argue no. For eternity, he won, but he was willing to lose his life for the sake of what was right. Dan: Some by [vice?] to rise, and others by virtue fall. Dr. Everett Piper, we're talking to, he is the president of Oklahoma Wesleyan University, an evangelical Christian university in Oklahoma, obviously. Dr. Piper, I got to get your take on college campuses. I mean, there's so many examples to discuss to underscore the intolerance on college campuses, the ignorance on college campuses. But one know that doubled up this week is perhaps really fascinating, because you see the politically correct totalitarians annihilating themselves. And this is at University of Oregon where "student leaders" are debating whether or not to remove a portion of Martin Luther King's 'I Have a Dream' speech because it didn't contemplate gender identity. Your reaction? Dr. Everett Piper: The ideological fascism that is running rampant on our campuses versus the intellectual freedom that the liberal arts academy has historically stood for. Let me answer your question this way: the liberal arts academy has established some 1,000 years ago, let's say Oxford at Cambridge, to do what? To liberate us. To give us an education in liberty and freedom. To educate a free man, a free woman, and a free society. That's the word 'liberal arts education' the classical liberal believed in freedom and justice. But it was grounded in what? The only word that's still on Oxford [inaudible], veritas. Truth. Jesus said, "The truth shall set you free." Not your personal opinion and not your politically correct agenda. Truth is the only context for freedom. What you see at the University of Oregon and Missouri and Yale and elsewhere, its ideological fashions and where you must submit, you must think like I do. My opinion will crush you. You will be silenced if you disagree. Rather than the robust exchange [inaudible] idea that is grounded in the truth of Christ and the truth of Scripture, the revelation of God rather than the personal opinion of [inaudible] or Hitler or students. Or faculty. Or me. I'm not going to give you a degree in opinions that [inaudible] Wesleyan University. I want you to learn something that's right and just and true when you graduate. Dan: Dr. Everett Piper, president of Oklahoma Wesleyan University. Amy: I love you and I agree with everything that you said about Donald Trump. We pray for him in church, by the way. Dan: There's a couple of Jacobson boys that are going to be matriculating your university in a few short years so look for them, and watch over them, please. Dr. Everett Piper, thanks so much for joining us. Appreciate it. Dr. Everett Piper: Blessings, guys.

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