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Did Trump Jr. Commit Treason?

Should Donald Trump Jr. be imprisoned for life or executed? How big a bombshell are the revelations about Trump Jr.? Did Trump Jr. commit treason or was he just sloppy? Either way, the reverberations inside the Left's echo chamber rage. CNN's "sources" get it 200% wrong on Trump-Putin meeting. And Mayoral Emanuel brags about the CTA while Chicago's violence spikes, scandals metastasize, and pension funds face bankruptcy. Dan & Kristen McQueary, editorial board member of the Chicago Tribune, posed these questions and more to Commentary Associate Editor Noah Rothman.


Sessions Will Have His Work Cut Out For Him As AG

Fred Foreman, Former Judge for the Nineteenth Circuit Court; Former U.S. attorney for the Northern District of Illinois & State’s attorney for Lake County, joined Dan Proft & Amy Jacobson to discuss President-elect Trump’s appointment of Jeff Sessions to Attorney General. He has worked with him before and believes he will make independent decisions, while taking his cue from the Oval Office.

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More Investigative Videos Coming, Says Guerrilla Journalist James O'Keefe

Project Veritas' James O'Keefe discusses his third investigative video and previews his fourth which he told Dan & Amy will be posted today.

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James O'Keefe: More Videos Coming

James O'Keefe, insurgent journalist, told Dan & Amy that more videos are forthcoming featuring Democrat grassroots operatives working to instigate confrontations at Trump/Pence events for broadcast by major media outlets. 

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The Danger of Style Over Substance In Politics

In 2008 and 2012, millions of Americans confused the use of proper syntax with smarts.

Policy judgment was subordinated to style.

The results:

400,000 dead in Syria and a refugee crisis in the aftermath.

4 dead Americans in Benghazi.

A political Islamist terrorist organization that graduated from the JV team to Christian genocide in the Middle East and domestic carnage in Orlando and San Bernardino.

A wildly unpopular, unfinanceable and even “crazy”, in the words of Bill Clinton, backdoor government take-over of health insurance.

And two left-wing Supreme Court justices who find Constitutional penumbras and emanations to justify every big government gambit and freedom-constricting folly.

It would be unwise to again make complete sentences versus staccato speech the determinative dichotomy for the Presidency.

Trump’s imprecision with language is frustrating.

But Trump is directionally correct on issues ranging from immigration to military readiness to tax reform and his advisers have nicely filled in the details.

Hillary lies in complete sentences to recast 30 years of failed policies and catastrophic judgments that have inflicted untold human suffering all while she has leveraged our government for her personal gain.

Your choice America.

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Dilbert Creator Scott Adams Says Clinton Won The Debate And Trump Won The Election

Watch now. 

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Col. Allen West Talks Charlotte Police Shooting, National Sec. In Advance Of POTUS Debate

Watch the interview now. 

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American Islamic Forum for Democracy Founder: Media, Left Guilty Of Soft Bigotry Against Muslim Community

Dr. Zuhdi Jasser joined Dan & Amy to discuss the Obama Regime's reaction to the recent terrorist attacks in NY, NJ and MN. Jasser agreed with Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) that the greatest threat the US faces is the denial of reality. Jasser also discussed the genocide against Christians and violence against all non-jihadists in the Middle East and the treatment of these matters by the DC press corps.

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#NeverTrump, #NeverHillary Movement Has A Name: Gary Johnson

Two-term New Mexico Governor and successful entrepreneur Gary Johnson ran as the Libertarian Party candidate for President in 2012 and he’s the favorite to be that party’s nominee in 2016. Early polling has Johnson at 11%. If he gets to 15% he’s in the POTUS debates. With the move away from religion and toward Libertarian philosophy combined with the unpopularity of Trump and Hillary, could 2016 be the year Libertarians make their mark on American electoral politics?

Gov. Gary Johnson joined Dan & Amy this morning to discuss.

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