General Kelly

Highs And Lows Of Trump’s Presidency

Is Trump his own chief of staff? How much credit does General Kelly deserve? Is Comey getting away with too much in the public view? Is it time for Trump to have a national address to tout his accomplishments and discuss what needs to be done the next two years? What does Trump need to do or say to expand his base? How does the Left use their dominance in popular culture as a weapon against their political opponents? Podcaster and Hollywood screenwriter, Andrew Klavan joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Trump Is His Own Chief Of Staff

Should Gen. Kelly step down over the handling of the Rob Porter revelations? Are there two Trumps, TV attention-grabbing Donald and behind the scenes reasonable Donald? Does anyone at the White House miss Bannon? Is Hope Hicks an influencer or order taker? New York Times best-selling author and author of  “Inside the Trump White House” releasing in April, Ronald Kessler joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Gen. Kelly Holds Court In DC Presser

Representative Frederica Wilson called herself a “rockstar” for her role in politicizing the death of an American soldier in Niger. General Kelly responded and made a sobering statement questioning what is even considered sacred in this country anymore. Did those with “Trump derangement syndrome” bail him out of this controversy once again? Fox News Anchor of Special Report, Bret Baier joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Is Nothing Sacred?

In his remarkable press conference, Trump Chief of Staff Gen. John Kelly prompted reflection on that which was once sacred and should be but no longer is.

Women. The dignity of every life. Religion. Gold Star Families. Selfless service to country. All once sacred. Now not so much.

Gen. Kelly provided a timely reminder that civilization is not always advancing. The latest point in time is not necessarily the most enlightened. Societies can regress.

The nature of man is immutable. Edifying influences like faith, family and work and the responsibilities associated with each are necessary.

Notions of duty and honor keep us from devolving into a Hobbesian state of nature.

So what is sacred?

The politicization of all things makes state power sacred.

The 41% of nonelderly-headed households who receive entitlement payments makes good intentions sacred.

Banning books and blocking speakers to protect feelings makes conceit sacred.

In other words, the power to distribute other people’s stuff and eliminate dissent has replaced what Gen. Kelly described as sacred and what four Green Berets died on a distant battlefield to protect as sacred.

If you believe their last full measure of devotion for your freedoms was sacred then you might consider fighting to preserve them. 


It's A Yuge, Yuge Challenge

What is the role of the Chief of Staff in an administration? What are some examples of approaches that work versus those that do not? What "Best Practices" should General Kelly implement in his new role with the Trump Administration? Was Rahm Emanuel an effective Chief of Staff to President Obama? Which President and Chief of Staff have had the most successful working relationship? Chris Whipple, Emmy-Winning Producer for 60 Minutes, and Author of The Gatekeepers: How the White House Chiefs of Staff Define Every Presidency joins Dan and Shaun Thompson to discuss.


It's Not That "Quick & Easy"

President Trump's speech at Suffolk Community College in Long Island about Border Enforcement pointed to the importance of the Department of Homeland Security. With General Kelly, former Homeland Security Secretary, accepting the role of Chief of Staff for the administration, what is next for the department? Will General Kelly be effective as Chief of Staff? What is Trump's end-game with Jeff Sessions? What legal advice has he sought? How have Trump's Tweets about Sessions impacted his ability to deal with other personnel? The Executive Director of the American Center for Law and Justice, Jordan Sekulow joins Dan and Amy to discuss. 


Military Leaders Still Warrant Deep Respect

Priebus out. Kelly in. Is the President hitting the reset button with his new Chief of Staff? Can General John Kelly tame "Operation Chaos" in the White House? Who is anticipated to replace General Kelly as Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security? Tim Carney, Senior Political Columnist for the Washington Examiner joins Dan and Amy to discuss.