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Red Light Cameras Undermine The Law

Do red light cameras actually keep us safer? Are they placed in areas of high accident rates or wherever they can possibly generate the most revenue? Is there a case to be made for a constitutional challenge on red light cameras? Heartland Institute's Budget & Tax News Editor, Joe Barnett joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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EPA Evidence Free Sterigenics Scare

What should the EPA do to ease the minds of Dupage County residents who have unanswered questions and don’t know if the air they’re breathing is safe? Are the suits being filed by Dupage County and Lisa Madigan’s office against Sterigenics have any merit? Is the typical backyard grill more dangerous than the chemicals being used at Sterigenics? Environmental adviser to the Heartland Institute, Rich Trzupek joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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James O’Keefe On Exposing Media Bias

Do journalists still have the courage to expose and unmask the truth? Do Americans know they are being lied to by the media? What will it take to put an end to the propaganda? Founder of Project Veritas and author of “Breakthrough: Our Guerilla War to Expose Fraud and Save Democracy,” James O’Keefe joins Dan and Amy to discuss his upcoming appearance in Chicago sponsored by the Heartland Institute.

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Net Neutrality: A Solution In Search Of A Problem

Why were unelected bureaucrats trying to institute a law in 1934 to regulate the modern day internet? Is the repeal of net neutrality going to lead to higher internet bills? How in fact does net neutrality affect freedom of speech? Why were some of the biggest giants on the internet trying to protect net neutrality? President of The Heartland Institute and former Member of Congress, Tim Huelskamp joins Dan and Amy to discuss the FCC ruling on net neutrality.

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The Most Costly Treaty Ever

Danish academic Bjorn Lomborg, a proponent of the view that man is primarily responsible for climate change, had this take on the Paris Accord: Spend $100 trillion by 2100 for virtually no impact on climate change. Bad deal. Dan & Amy discussed the Paris Accord with Heartland Institute President/CEO Joe Bast. And they explored the truth behind the claim that 97% of scientists agree that climate change is real and that man is primarily responsible.


Moms: Why Do You Do What You Do?

Through Upstream Ideas and The Illinois Opportunity Project, we get to work with women who are outstanding advocates and awesome moms. In honor of Mother's Day, we asked them to share with us why they do what they do. These are just some of their stories!

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