Higher Education

Incomplete Perspectives

Are professors on college campuses romanticizing and forgetting what the Soviet Union actually was? Is there pressure for professors to change their approach on how they teach? Have we as a culture “forgotten God”? Is that discussion offered up on college campuses? Professor at Northwestern University, Gary Saul Morson joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Discouraging Discussion On College Campuses

How has the tone, culture, and character of the classroom and the university changed? When was the switch flipped? How would William F. Buckley be treated on the campus of Yale were he to return today? Former Yale Law School dean and author of "The Assault on American Excellence," Anthony Kronman joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Stay Away from Colleges You Can’t Afford

Why does student debt continue to get higher and higher every year? Are those more expensive schools really that much better than more inexpensive options? The Federalist’s Helen Raleigh joins Dan and Amy to discuss common sense practices rather than going hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt.

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Marxism In The Guise Of Liberty

Do cultural marxists believe that society must impose totalitarianism to achieve liberation? Is Google assisting China in censorship? Is anyone willing to explore the toxic roots of cultural ideas in order to “unlearn hate?” Dickinson College Associate Professor, Crispin Sartwell joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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University Bubble Invading Real Life

Why should we care about who the Gen Zer’s want in political power? Is there an age problem amongst the presidential contenders? Is the small cohort of student activists on campuses getting bigger? Political science professor at Sarah Lawrence College, Sam Abrams joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Predatory Government Student Loans

What’s the number one driver of high college tuition costs? What about in states like Illinois where the university system is always crying that they need more funding? Why are we encouraging young students to take out massive loans to earn a degree that might not pay off? Heritage Foundation Education Policy Analyst, Mary Clare Amselem joins Dan and Kristen McQueary to discuss.

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Segregation By Design

Why are colleges segregating students by race? Are colleges de facto overturning Brown v. Board? Does college do anything to prepare students for the real world these days? What are the outcomes for these students? National Association of Scholars President, Peter Wood joins Dan and Carol Roth to discuss.

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Unlimited Borrowing

Did government create the student loan problem and are now going to save it with someone else writing the check? Why don’t we try to incentivize colleges to spend less and help students graduate in four years? CNBC contributor and columnist for AEI, Jim Pethokoukis joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Close To Tipping Point On College Campuses

Are college administrators to blame for letting student mobs takeover? Who is setting the tone on campus? Is there movement to change the campus culture? Political Science professor at Sarah Lawrence, Sam Abrams, joins Dan and Amy to discuss his plight at the hands of the Marxist campus mobs.

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The End Of Speech Codes On Campuses?

Is Trump's EO on campus speech already paying dividends? Are diversity equity and inclusion statements for promotions at colleges a screening device to weed out non leftists in academia? What is the social justice translation for vindictive protectiveness? Rutgers psychology professor, Lee Jussim joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Fight For Border Wall Continues

What is the legal analysis of Trump's veto message and the humanitarian crisis at the border? Is Trump changing the culture of crime? Is restoring a meritocracy the remedy for the college admissions’ process? Writer at the Powerlineblog.com, John Hinderaker joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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College Tuition Costs Skyrocketing

Why are costs blowing up at universities? What are they spending all that money on? What are the new taxes being proposed to prop up social security? Haven’t climate alarmists been making end of the world predictions for decades? Chief Economist at CNN, Steve Moore joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Crimes Against Academia

Has trust been completely eroded in academia? Is there a dominant moral orthodoxy on campus that encourages no dissent? Portland State University professor, Peter Boghossian joins Dan to discuss his run in with defying the academic class.

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Has The Pendulum Swung Too Far?

Has society lost the ability to have a moral fact-based dialogue? Why have those in academia dumbed down education and turned learning into the propagation of opinions rather than a search for the truth? Have helicopter parents set their kids up for failure? Oklahoma Wesleyan University President, Dr. Everett Piper, joins Dan and Kristen McQueary to discuss. 

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Judson University Leads With Faith

Do colleges still celebrate the U.S. Constitution? How does Judson U compete against other universities, especially those located out of state as families in Illinois continue to leave? Is there more of a yearning for Christian liberal arts schools because of what is happening at other college campuses? President Gene Crume of Judson University joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Is America Warming Up To Socialism?

Democratic Socialists' “It Girl” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez still can’t figure out where the $40 trillion needed for all her programs is going to come from. Is the reason healthcare and college are so expensive because they are subsidized by the government? Fox News Contributor, Juan Williams joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Anti-Intellectualism On College Campuses

Why are we coddling the American mind? Is the big lie that college campuses are the beacon of the free marketplace of ideas? Is the future of higher education salvageable? Why are we setting up the current generation for failure? CEO of FIRE, Greg Lukianoff joins Dan and Amy to discuss. 

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Harvard And NYC Discriminating Against Asian Americans

Harvard admissions officers and other post-modernist, cultural Marxist, Leftist bigots like New York City’s Mayor De Blasio, have categorized Asian-Americans as academic oppressors. Are big city mayors like De Blasio scapegoating Asian Americans for their failure to educate other minority groups? Yukong Zhao, President of the Asian-American Coalition for Education, joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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The Impact Of Janus Vs. AFSCME

The U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments this week on a case that could end the forced payment of union dues throughout the country. Now that arguments have been made both for worker freedom and for union bosses, how might the court rule? On this edition of Illinois Rising, Dan Proft, Pat Hughes and the Liberty Justice Center's Jacob Huebert explain the potential impact of Janus vs. AFSCME. Proft and Hughes also talk to filmmaker Eli Steele about his new film "How Jack Became Black" on race and identity politics.







Disrupting Higher Education

Isaac Morehouse is disrupting Higher Education by getting kids apprenticeships rather than overpriced sheepskins. Is this another Trump University? Why not bypass the college degree and debt? How much are 4 year college universities limiting young people’s potential? Founder and CEO of Praxis, Isaac Morehouse joins Dan and Amy to discuss.