Hurricane Relief Update From Contractor On The Ground

100% of the problems happening in Puerto Rico are a result of the incompetence of the local government officials. There is a lot of demagoguery from the media, the mayor of San Juan, and Rep. Luis Gutierrez, who don’t want to admit that Puerto Rican leaders were not prepared for the hurricane, but instead, choose to blame President Trump. A former Chicago-area police officer who has just returned from Puerto Rico, Brian Evans, joins Dan and Amy to discuss to his perspective from being on the ground.

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Relief Efforts Underway In Houston

What are talks in Houston surrounding the evacuation orders or lack thereof? What have been the other side effects of the storm besides the flooding? Is there any plan in action now? Do most people have flood insurance?  Sam Malone, morning host for AM 1070 The Answer in Houston, joins Dan and Amy to discuss the Harvey relief update.

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The Economics Of Natural Disasters

POTUS and FLOTUS are on the ground in Corpus Christi. What did both the government and the private sector learn from Katrina that improved the response to Harvey? What did leftist professors and former Clinton staffers never learn about politicizing natural disasters? Also, should we be preparing for higher gasoline prices? Heritage Foundation Economist, Stephen Moore joins Dan and Amy to discuss the economics of natural disasters.

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Dan Proft & Kristen McQueary

For the first time Kristen McQueary speaks publicly about the repercussions from her Hurricane Katrina column. And, as someone who has covered Chicago and Illinois politics for the past 15 years, she offers candid assessments of Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Governor Bruce Rauner and city and state finances.

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