Illinios business climate

Retaining And Expanding Manufacturing

Is corrupt leadership the only thing getting in the way of economic success in Illinois? How are high property taxes, worker’s comp costs and other regulatory policies affecting manufacturing? Dan and Amy are live from the Technology and Manufacturing Association (TMA) this morning, part of the AM 560/Signature Bank Business Tour, with TMA President Steve Rauschenberger and Chairman Rich Hoster.

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Creating Offices For The Future

How did Pulse Technology outgrow their dad’s garage in the 1950s and evolve with technology? How are they creating offices of the future for companies? How did the city of Schaumburg welcome the business? Owner, Victor Miceli joins Dan and Amy live on the AM 560 Signature Bank business tour.

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Midwest Performance Cars

What caused a 25 year trader to make a career change and step into the automotive industry? Owner of Midwest Performance Cars, Andy Bizub joins Dan and Amy to discuss his two locations that employ 16 people and do repairs on high end cars.

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IL Ranked 48th Worst Economic Outlook

Just how bad is it in Illinois for taxpayers and business owners? What are the states at the top of the rankings doing right? Do the public sector unions have as much power as everyone thinks they do? Chief economist at ALEC, Jonathan Williams joins Dan and John Kass to discuss the latest “Rich States, Poor States" report.

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What Happened To The Blue Collar Worker

What are the biggest challenges seen in businesses today? Is there a lack of people out there wanting blue collar jobs? Ken Marrioti, President of Woodland Windows and Doors, joins Dan and Amy to discuss the business.

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Bipartisan Spending Problem

Have both parties given up on limiting government and cutting spending? Are there not enough billionaires to pay for all the spending Democrats want? Is Illinois now behind California in economic rankings? CNN Chief Economist, Steve Moore joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Adapting To Automation

Are robots going to take over your jobs and your opportunities? How can companies and workers adapt to an ever changing technological society? Does automation actually help improve jobs? Dan and Amy are live with Pat Bertsche from Matrix Design in Bartlett, part of the AM 560 Signature Bank Business tour.

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Don’t Trade, Don’t Pay

Why are politicians bent on hurting the people that built this city up? If a transaction tax is passed, could Chicago become Detroit within a year? Will this finally be the nail in the coffin in Chicago? Hyde Park Angels Founder and writer at Points and Figures, Jeff Carter joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Live From Holt’s In Park Ridge

If you’re looking for a family friendly watering hole in Park Ridge look no further than Holt’s. Owner, Matt Ranalli joins Dan and Amy to discuss how he got started and what are the toughest challenges in the restaurant business.

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Doing Business In Cook County

How was a business in Des Plaines able to help with rescue efforts in Puerto Rico last year after the devastating hurricanes? Do they have any plans to adhere to the Green New Deal? President of Charles Equipment in Des Plaines, Bob Conway joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Deb Conroy: Bad For Business

State Representative Deb Conroy’s (Villa Park) aversion to free minds and free markets has manifested itself in some ugly ways. Pat Hughes explains on this edition of Two Minute Warning.