Politics Trump Civility

Americans of all political stripes say they want more civility in politics. Yet recent stories of Trump Administration officials being refused service and verbally attacked in public indicate otherwise. Upstream Ideas asked Chicagoans if they could Follow the Logic.  


Halloween Costumes: Cultural Appropriation Or A Child's Celebration?

Cosmopolitan Magazine says parents who let their children dress as a character of another culture or background, specifically Disney Princess Moana, are racists. Teen Vogue was unavailable for comment. So, we went to Lincoln Park Zoo to see if parents could Follow The Logic. 


Confederate Statues Comin' A Tumblin' Down

Confederate statues comin' a tumblin' down. Fine, but where should we stop? Monticello? Washington Monument? Arlington? UVA? A more interesting question is what those donning Che Guevara (Castro' executioner) t-shirts and leading the charge for the removal of statutes would elevate in their places? Should Trump leave Bannon? National Review Writer, David French joins Dan and Amy to discuss the legitimate concerns of the alt right movement.


The Day The Music Died


Suzanne Monk, Co-Owner of World Music in Chicago and a Trump supporter, has had to face the music: Liberals will stop at nothing to silence people with whom they disagree. Targeted for harassment and intimidation because of her political views, Monk tells Dan and Amy she has been forced to close up shop and plans to move out of Chicago.

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