Jim Comey

Mueller’s Deafening Silence

What did rank and file FBI members think of Mueller’s testimony? Did we learn anything new at all? Was it clear that this Russian collusion investigation was the back up plan if Trump won the election? Will there be a reckoning for Comey? Famed FBI criminal profiler, James Fitzgerald joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Mueller’s Disgraceful Performance

Will the Mueller investigation face any repercussions for breaking DOJ guidelines? Should Trump have fired Mueller for his relationship with Comey? Why does it seem that Mueller didn’t know any of the specifics of his report? Was it never a collusion investigation but an obstruction of justice investigation? Contributor at American Greatness, Julie Kelly joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Is Comey In Trouble?

What was the point of releasing the Mueller report since the Democrats continue to discuss fact free conspiracy theories? Did Comey already omit he didn’t know if there was enough evidence to surveil the Trump campaign? Is Comey’s political nature and hatred against the Commander in Chief unprecedented behavior for a former FBI Director? Former Deputy Director of the National Counterterrorism Center and FBI special agent, Kevin Brock joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Time To Investigate The Investigators

What other unredacted reports need to be released? If the Democrats get an unredacted Mueller report, should Republicans get the FISA applications? Did Comey and his colleagues turn into Russia working behind the scenes in the Hillary Clinton investigation? Why are no journalists asking Obama or Biden what they knew about this? Contributor at American Greatness, Julie Kelly joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Congress Gets The Last Word

Is the “Russian Collusion Delusion” over? Why did Mueller abdicate the one decision he needed to make? Does the Mueller Report exonerate the FBI as Comey suggests? Former U.S. Attorney and contributing editor at National Review, Andrew McCarthy joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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The Elites Are Failing Us

What if Comey’s FBI was spying on Obama’s campaign on the basis of opposition research? Did the Obama Administration transform the federal government into a political tool? Is Chicago’s corruption now on display for the whole world to see? Screenwriter, Andrew Klavan joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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“No Smocking Gun"

If Andrew McCarthy is right and Trump gets indicted, then what happens? Would the Southern District of New York have to get sign off from the Justice Department to get an indictment? What will William Barr’s perspective be on this? Does Comey have selective amnesia when it comes to certain investigations he was in charge of while head of the FBI? Former Chief Asst. U.S. Attorney and Contributing Editor at National Review, Andrew McCarthy joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Mueller Close To Wrapping Up

Dershowitz predicts the Mueller report will be devastating (politically) to Trump. What is Mueller’s job in the first place? Will there be enough evidence to charge or will he be forced to put the files to bed? What more is there for Mueller to do? House Judiciary committee subpoenaed Comey and Lynch, but why agree when the Democrats are about to take over? Former Chief U.S. Attorney and Columnist at National Review, Andy McCarthy joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Does The IG Report Give Trump Ammunition?

Why does Peter Strzok still have a job? Do liberals know if they still like Comey or not? Does the IG report give Trump ammunition and leverage to end the Mueller investigation? Does Trump have confidence in Wray and his big task of restoring the reputation of the FBI? NY Times' best-selling author, Ronald Kessler joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Don’t Drain The Baby With The Bathwater



Intimidated by Hillary’s lawyers.

Improper gifts.

Lack of impartiality.

The IG’s report makes Democrats’ dreams of a Trump impeachment inconceivable.

So complete is the Trump vindication that the Left has regressed back to trying to figure out whether or not they’re supposed to like Jim Comey.

Trump should press his advantage here by consummating his anti-ruling-class value proposition.

The public doesn’t want the FBI and DOJ to go away. They just don’t want the senior leadership of those agencies to be conniving political operatives who believe themselves to be above the law.

Both are headed by Trump appointees now. The President should make a very public play to take a very active role in working with Christopher Wray and Jeff Sessions—or replacing if need be—to make the personnel and policy changes necessary for culture change and credibility restoration.

Much of the positive disruption President Trump has brought to the Beltway has been through simply doing what he said he would do as candidate Trump. It confounds the men and women of always.

Trump ran as a law and order candidate. The FBI and DOJ are instrumental institutions to the rule of law and public order in America.

Trump would bedevil his critics once again if chose this moment to be an institutional rebuilder.


Red Meat Republicans Defending Trump

Did Paul Ryan undercut Spygate concerns or just indicate what he believes pending additional intel briefings? Is the DOJ IG report going to chastise Comey and Lynch as speculated? Are these the issues that matter to the general American population? Mike Gallagher joins Dan and Amy to discuss Trump and his Broadway career. 

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Mueller Shadow Casted Over Trump Administration

Can Trump pardon himself? Is Giuliani muddying the waters suggesting Trump is above the law while shunning the likes of Comey and other FBI officials? Why is Clapper and members of the mainstream media still spreading the false narrative that Trump’s election win could be illegitimate? NY Post's, Michael Goodwin joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Trump Should Be Happy About Spies In His Campaign

Since the intelligence community acted heroically to protect both Trump and our representative republic from Russian incursion, should POTUS confer Presidential Medals of Freedom to Comey, Brennan, Clapper, Rice, Power, Lynch and Obama? Or pardons? Should we believe anything Clapper says? Famed FBI Profiler, James Fitzgerald joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Mueller's Partisan Investigation

Team Mueller got brutalized by federal district court judges. Is the Mueller investigation setting a dangerous precedent for future presidencies? What happened with Comey going from an honorable reputation to politicizing the FBI? Former FBI Agent and Michigan Congressman, Mike Rogers joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Questions For The Left

I’m an inquisitive sort.

I want to understand the Left but I have questions.

-          When it comes to your concern that law enforcers not be above the law, is that just for beat cops or does it extend to senior level officials at the nation's most powerful law enforcement agency?

I ask because I haven’t heard the date announced for the Andy McCabe protests.

-          Is your concern about instances of alleged excessive use of force by police entirely contingent on the race of the alleged victim?

I ask because I can’t find the GoFundMe page for the family of John Albers in Overland Park, Kansas.

-          When it comes to treating the Constitution like an Asian buffet, are their limits to the application of the sanctuary designation?

I ask because Effingham County, Illinois, voted to make their jurisdiction a sanctuary county for 2nd Amendment rights to protect the rights of their residents to protect themselves.

-          I understand you to be stalwart defenders of a free press now. Could you share your conversion story?

I ask because of your silence when Obama Attorney General Eric Holder surveilled and subpoenaed Fox News reporter James Rosen and when Patrick Fitzgerald imprisoned New York Times reporter Judith Miller in the Scooter Libby case to cite but two examples.

Thank you in advance for helping me distinguish your virtue from your virtue-signaling.


Syrian Airstrikes: “Unconstitutional And Ineffective”

Should Trump have stuck to his instincts and gotten out of Syria? Is U.S. involvement in Syria against Assad or ISIS? If Comey said his duty was to look at the law and facts, why did he apply a different legal standard to Hillary Clinton that didn’t exist? Writer at National Review, David French joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Who Should Trump Start Firing?

Clinton Foundation Donor Zero's "interview" was an hour-long opportunity for Comey to emote about matters we already know. Were the questions not asked about McCabe and the FBI IG report the actual newsworthy part? What’s worse for Trump, the Russian or Cohen investigation? Trump Whisperer and Dilbert cartoon creator, Scott Adams joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Comey, Cory or Christian?

Game show idea: Comey, Cory or Christian.

I’m going to read a series of passages and you tell me which was said or written by former FBI Director Jim Comey, New Jersey Senator Cory Booker or 50 Shades of Grey protagonist Christian Grey.

Let’s begin.

“I want you to know that nothing—nothing—has happened in the last year to change my view.

“Boy, those were the words I needed to hear.

“I know. I know.”

“And The East Coast loves you and by the East Coast, I mean me."


“Do you think gay sex is a perversion?”

“We lie there, panting together, waiting for our breathing to slow. He gently strokes my hair … Boy … I Survived. That wasn’t so bad.”


“He was not going to get a hug without being a whole lot stronger than he looked. He wasn’t.”

“He holds out his hand, and in his palm are two shiny silver balls linked with a thick black thread...”

“As he extended his hand, I made a mental note to check its size. It was smaller than mine, but did not seem unusually so.”

Look out E.L. James. Jim Comey and Cory Booker are coming for you.


Typical Washington Investigation In Search Of A Crime

Is the release of the Nunes memo going to set a dangerous precedent in future intelligence efforts? Is there a systemic problem in issuing FISA warrants since the FBI has a special obligation to disclose everything? Has Comey revealed his true self and his ax to grind through his recent tweets? Will the most explosive report come from the DOJ’s Inspector General’s report of the handling of the Clinton investigation? Editor of the Washington Free Beacon and contributing editor to The Weekly Standard, Matthew Continetti joins Dan and Amy to discuss. 

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Is Chicagoland Native At The Heart Of Russian Collusion Investigation?

What do we need to know about the Papadopoulos plea deal? Does the indictment of Papadopoulos and Manafort get to the heart of the Russian collusion story? Is it time to expand the scope of the investigation to both sides of aisle? What has been the impact of the "intent" standard Comey created for Hillary? Has the FBI exhausted Papadopoulos as a source? Former FBI assistant director and President for the Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund, Ron Hosko joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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