Progressive Pandering

Did Hunter Biden’s interview draw any sympathy? Did the LGBT CNN Townhall do more harm than good for everyday LGBT Americans? Should 11 year olds get to decide their gender destiny? Former editor at large for Out Magazine, Chadwick Moore joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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The Non-Inclusive Left

Is the progressive left’s guise of anti-discrimination policies actually quite the opposite and not inclusive at all? Will the court accept a government agency redefining sex that is not rooted in biology? What are the widespread consequences if “transgender” becomes a protected class? Senior Counsel for Alliance Defending Freedom, David Cortman joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Walk Away: The LGBT Community

How have Democrats been able to manipulate different minority groups for years? Does anyone have specifics for what “civil rights protections” Trump has rolled back on the LGBT community? Do liberals have no sense of reality of who Trump supporters really are? #WalkAway Founder, Brandon Straka joins Dan and Amy to discuss his upcoming Walk Away LGBT town hall in Chicago.

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Gender Inclusive Puberty Guide

Should puberty be gender inclusive? Are schools guiding children through puberty based on feelings rather than scientific and biological facts? Why won’t people let research be done to see the consequences of the trans ideology? Catholic Women's Forum Director, Mary Rice Hasson joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Teaching Boys To Be Men

Why are boys allowed to win women’s track meets? Why is there so much more gender confusion than there used to be? Do parents seeking fame and fortune actually do great harm to their children by allowing them to choose whichever gender they like? Author, Dr. Leonard Sax joins Dan and Amy to discuss why gender matters.

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Fund Rainbow Sidewalks, But Not Pension Benefits

Chicago’s police pension fund will be insolvent by 2021 according to a new analysis by the Chicago City Wire, but the focus is on taxpayer funded permanent rainbow crosswalks. Is there a huge silent majority that supports President Trump in the gay community? An LGBT group wants Christians to pay for their "pride" but not be allowed in the public square. Should opposition to the redefinition of marriage disqualify one from Department of Education discussions? Dan & Amy discussed values, and priorities, and took your calls.