Law Enforcement

Right To Self Defense

Is law enforcement in favor of concealed carry? Could concealed carry citizens serve as a deterrent to these mass shooters? Does the media and leftist politicians make it more about the gun and less about the evil doer? Are red flag laws a reasonable solution? President of the U.S. Concealed Carry Association, Tim Schimdt joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Defining Domestic Terrorism

Can law enforcement be doing more to prevent mass shootings? What are the challenges to tackling this problem head on? How do we define domestic terrorism? Former CIA officer and now filmmaker, Dan Gabriel joins Dan and Kristen McQueary to discuss the shootings from this past weekend.

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Law Enforcement’s Role In Combatting Domestic Terrorism

How can every day Americans help stop mass shootings? How has law enforcement improved how they handle these attacks? The Heritage Foundation’s Lt. Col. James Carafano joins Dan and Charles Love to discuss.

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Questions For The Left

I’m an inquisitive sort.

I want to understand the Left but I have questions.

-          When it comes to your concern that law enforcers not be above the law, is that just for beat cops or does it extend to senior level officials at the nation's most powerful law enforcement agency?

I ask because I haven’t heard the date announced for the Andy McCabe protests.

-          Is your concern about instances of alleged excessive use of force by police entirely contingent on the race of the alleged victim?

I ask because I can’t find the GoFundMe page for the family of John Albers in Overland Park, Kansas.

-          When it comes to treating the Constitution like an Asian buffet, are their limits to the application of the sanctuary designation?

I ask because Effingham County, Illinois, voted to make their jurisdiction a sanctuary county for 2nd Amendment rights to protect the rights of their residents to protect themselves.

-          I understand you to be stalwart defenders of a free press now. Could you share your conversion story?

I ask because of your silence when Obama Attorney General Eric Holder surveilled and subpoenaed Fox News reporter James Rosen and when Patrick Fitzgerald imprisoned New York Times reporter Judith Miller in the Scooter Libby case to cite but two examples.

Thank you in advance for helping me distinguish your virtue from your virtue-signaling.


Laying Commander Bauer To Rest

Thousands gathered in the streets along the procession and thousands more watched Commander Bauer’s televised funeral in appreciation and mourning for the sacrifice that he and his family made for the city of Chicago. Father Mike McGovern, one of the concelebrants and former classmate of Bauer's, joins Dan and Amy to discuss the mass and the legacy of Commander Bauer.

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Grassley/Graham Memo Calls For The FBI To Investigate Themselves

The Schiff memo claims the FBI acted appropriately at all times, but are sources based on FBI documents and protocols flatly rejecting that assertion? Did the Democrats purposely put things in the memo that needed to be redacted to make Trump look untransparent? Did the intelligence community not want a Trump presidency because of the possibility of his administration exposing their bureaucracy? Investigative journalist, Sharyl Attkisson joins Dan And Amy to discuss. 

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Classic Political Games At The FBI

House Intel could vote to release the memo today. When will the FBI release the Strzok-Page texts? Are they trying to delay releasing the text messages to play on the public’s short attention span? Are they anxiously waiting for the 2018 election hoping the Democrats take over the House? If the populists want Washington to change, they better support Trump and get out to the polls in 2018. Cybersecurity expert, Michael Daugherty joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Updates And Insights Into the Las Vegas Shooting

Acts of heroism displayed amid the horror in Las Vegas. The shooter's brother spoke but the motive is still unclear. ISIS also claims credit but there is no evidence to corroborate. What, if any, enhanced security measures should hotels or office buildings make to prevent another Vegas?  Former FBI assistant director and President of the Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund, Ron Hosko joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Lake County Sheriff Supports Sanctuary State Bill

Governor Rauner is set to sign controversial Senate Bill 31 next week. Why is the Trust Act a good thing from a law enforcement perspective? Are those here illegally getting extra protection? Lake County Sheriff says the bill does nothing new and it’ll be business as usual. Then why support the legislation? Lake County Sheriff Mark Curran joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Law Enforcement’s Hands Are Tied

Why wasn't the man who made assassination attempts on the lives of GOP members of Congress prosecuted for domestic violence in 2006? Is law enforcement getting better at preventing these types of attacks? Are civilian leaders preventing law enforcement officers from keeping us safe? How will the investigation proceed from here? Dan & Amy posed these questions and more to former undercover FBI Special Agent & former US Marine John Ligato.


The FBI Used To Call That A Clue

How should we attack Islamist ideology? What can and should Law Enforcement do to prevent future terrorist attacks? Is there a military solution to combat terror? Bill Gertz, Senior Editor for the Washington Free Beacon & author of the new book “iWar: War and Peace in the Information Age,” joins Dan and Amy to assess how the intelligence community makes threat assessments on known persons of concern.

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