Liberal hypocrisy

Run Down Democrat Cities

Are people finally questioning the Democratic leadership in black communities? Where has the $16 billion in federal funding gone in Baltimore? How successful will the white women of privilege tour headlined by Kristin Gillibrand be? Diamond and Silk join Dan and John Kass to discuss.

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Cultural Deregulation

Is it troubling that a growing segment of the Democratic Party doesn’t want to enforce the laws? Is the prevalence of violence in video games and other aspects of popular culture leading to more violence in real life? Are “progressives” the new establishment? Editor at First things, Rusty Reno joins Dan and Shaun Thompson to discuss.

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“Why I Stand”

Is Trump finally shining a spotlight on cities like Baltimore that have been failing under Democratic rule for decades? Can liberals no longer blame racism for everything wrong in America? Why is the Chicago Teacher’s Union flacking for Venezuelan dictator Maduro? Are reparations an insult to the black community? Former NFL player, Burgess Owens joins Dan and Amy his new book, "Why I Stand: From Freedom to the Killing Fields of Socialism."

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Stripped Of Title For Conservative Views

Why was Miss Michigan stripped of her title for tweets? Is there a mainstream bias against conservative women? University of Michigan student, Kathy Zhu joins Dan and Amy to discuss why she was stripped of her Miss Michigan title and what she plans to do next.

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Destructive Public Policy In IL

How is Illinois only one of two states to lose population in the last nine years? What will happen to Illinois if voters pass the graduated income tax? Are the tax cuts the most important accomplishment of Trump’s presidency? Is liberalism bad for your health? WSJ columnist, Steve Moore joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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White Liberal Guilt

Is the reparations debate amongst the 2020 presidential election hopefuls directed to gain the black vote or gain the favor of white liberals? Where is the outrage on the left for the disportionate amount of black babies aborted? Why are men competing against women in sports and disenfranchising female athletes? NFL great and author, Burgess Owens joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Operation “Varsity Blues” Fallout

Should the college admissions process change? Why do students and parents have such disbelief in their own abilities and lack of personal integrity? Will the “Varsity Blues” case start to tarnish reputations and show how actually unprestigious some of these colleges are? Retired NYU professor, Mike Rectenwald joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Hate Has a Home on the Left

If you have to pass a resolution saying we, in the House, won't tolerate anti-Semitism, what does that say about what you, in the House, have been tolerating?

Even more astounding than the panoply of vile statements that earned Rep. Ilhan Omar a David Duke endorsement, is the enabling of anti-Semitism by Jewish members of Congress.

The whole Omar affair is illustrative of identity politics. The pursuit of political power demands some cultural Marxists create an identity and others abandon theirs. The key is everyone plays nice on the noxious, intersectional playground.

So Rachel Dolezal is black. Bruce Jenner is a woman. And Rep. Jan Schakowsky is an apologist for anti-Semitism who chalks up Omar’s intemperance to a cultural difference suggesting that Omar didn't say what she said and didn’t mean what she meant.

It turns out hate does have a home on the Left.

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Competition To Make Headlines

Is the most diverse delegation in Congress now known as the party of hate due to their tolerance of Rep. Omar’s anti-semitic comments? Will there be any consequences for the freshman members’ rhetoric or their alleged FEC violations? Resident Scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, Michael Rubin joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Ask Not Why They Did It But What They Serve

Why would the billionaire owner of the NFL’s most successful franchise patronize a brothel?

Why would a successful actor perpetrate a fraud on the nation for a pay raise?

Why would an international music superstar prey on young girls?

Why would they risk everything? What’s in it for them?

Those questions are dead ends in the search for an explanation for this depraved conduct.

To understand why one must ask the question, “What do they serve?”

As with the high-profile cheaters and reprobates before them, R. Kelly and R. Kraft and Smollett are C.S. Lewis’ men without chests.

They are walking pleasure centers seeking only to serve their visceral wants: celebrity, money, carnal release.

They are the byproduct of a culture that celebrates the unrestrained indulgence of one’s appetites over objective truth.

What a society extols it begets. And so we have begotten R. Kelly, R. Kraft and Smollett.

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D.C. Press Corps' War On Catholic Schools

How does the Catholic Church reform itself externally and internally after the Covington Catholic incident? Msgr. Pat Hamborough of St. Mark's in St. Louis, the priest you saw being accosted by the Black Hebrews over the weekend that started the chain reaction of events at the Lincoln Memorial, joins Dan and Amy with a first-person account of what the Covington Catholic School boys did.

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King’s Legacy Has Become A Shakespearean Tragedy

“If a man is called to be a street sweeper, he should sweep streets even as a Michelangelo painted, or Beethoven composed music or Shakespeare wrote poetry.”

That was Rev. Martin Luther King’s appeal to work as soulcraft in his 1967 “Street Sweeper” speech at New Covenant Baptist Church in Chicago.

Today those words are blasphemy to Leftist elites who invoke his name while seeking to expunge from history those names King called forth.

Yale dropped Shakespeare as required reading for English Literature majors—as have most of America’s top-ranked universities—in response to the contention that his transcendental works on human nature somehow create a hostile campus environment for persons of color.

King was a man of letters who argued the purpose of education was to “teach one to think intensively and think critically.”

Today the politicized professoriate would rather students not think at all. 

King understood Escalus’ observation in Measure for Measure that, “Some by sin do rise and others by virtue fall.” 

It’s a Shakespearean tragedy for black and white alike that so few of today’s students do.

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Demonization Of Christians

Can everyone see the compromise to reopen the government except for the bases on both sides? Why were people on the center/right in a hurry to prove that they aren’t racist to the Democrat press corps and condemn the Covington students before all the information came out? Screenwriter and podcaster, Andrew Klavan joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Feminist Gentlemen

Does being a man on the left give license for bad behavior? Was the Gillette ad focused on stirring hatred? Where should young men look for instruction instead of a virtue signaling shaving company? Executive Director of Touchstone Magazine, Doug Johnson joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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The Pathway To Economic Opportunity

Is school choice the pathway to opportunity for those in underprivileged communities? Is the educational establishment the worst enemy of black people? Is there plenty of money out there but in the wrong hands as Mayor De Blasio claims? Professor of economics at George Mason University, Walter Williams joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Crimes Against Academia

Has trust been completely eroded in academia? Is there a dominant moral orthodoxy on campus that encourages no dissent? Portland State University professor, Peter Boghossian joins Dan to discuss his run in with defying the academic class.

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Michael “She Hit Me First” Avenatti 2020

In the spirit of bipartisanship, should Trump pardon Michael Avenatti for all his crimes? Has feminism become mistakenly synonymous with a movement that is good for women? Does feminism simply reward women for their service to the state? Is Planned Parenthood already prepping for a post Roe v. Wade world? Screenwriter for the Gosnell movie, Andrew Klavan joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Long Way From Civility

What will it take for both sides of the extremes to quit doxxing and stalking elected officials and TV personalities like Tucker Carlson? Is Trump still looking to take executive action on immigration? Is there a 2000 redux happening in Florida? Any new names floating around for the new Attorney General position? Anchor of Special Report on Fox News, Bret Baier joins Dan and Scott Shellady to discuss.

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The Midterms Won't Change The Left

Potty-mouthed DNC Chairman Tom Perez said bigotry is on the ballot in the midterm election.

True. But it is the Left’s bigotry.

The most enduring takeaway from this election cycle is that the Left has one and only one solution to every policy challenge: bigot-baiting.

Spin the wheel. Pick an issue.

Advocate for border security by using the very real example of an illegal immigrant cop killer and CNN’s Kate Bolduan calls you a racist.

Defend an individual’s Second Amendment right to self-protection and you’re conspiring with white supremacists and “demonizing Jews,” as former DNC Chairman Howard Dean said of President Trump.

Support voter ID laws to protect every American’s franchise and you’re in the business of preventing poor and black people from voting, said CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin.

Exist as a white man and you’re by definition part of the greatest terror threat facing America, per CNN’s Don Lemon, and are likely to be radicalized to commit a hate-inspired crime by President Trump, according to GQ’s Julia Ioffe.

The Democrat Socialists live at the intersection of vacuous identity politics and mindless rage.

It’s a dangerous neighborhood and a terrible place to locate a country.


Bigot Baiting On The Ballot

Should there be a travel ban on white guys as suggested by CNN’s Don Lemon? What is the left’s moral inconsistency and hypocrisy on race? Is there a hate crisis in American culture that is affecting all races? Woodson Center founder, Bob Woodson joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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