Machine Politics

Putting Chicagoans First

Why do Chicagoans keep electing the same people over and over with no results? How many of the candidates in the race have no ties or stake in the political machine? The youngest candidate in the race for Mayor, John Kozlar joins Dan and Amy to make his case.

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Madigan/Quinn Fraud Exposed In 13th Ward

Has DePaul freshman, David Krupa, already provided more public service than Madigan and Quinn have in their combined 55 years in office? What does who Krupa supported for president have to do with the validity of the signatures on his petitions? Candidate for 13th Ward Alderman, David Krupa joins Dan and Amy to discuss the obstacles he’s faced to even get on the ballot against the Chicago Democratic machine.

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Political Scientist Dick Simpson On The Past And Present Of Chicago Machine Politics

How did the city of Chicago become known for corruption, and why has it struggled to change its ways? On this edition of Against the Current, Dan Proft talks to Dick Simpson, University of Illinois-Chicago political science professor and former Chicago alderman, about the past and present of Chicago machine politics, as well as how to change its future.

How does Rahm Emanuel's machine differ from Richard Daley's? How  have Chicago mayors skated past corruption charges while governors, aldermen and state legislators go to jail? And what would an active Republican Party in Chicago providing real competition do for the city's ethics?

Proft and Simpson discuss all this and more, in a detailed discussion on the history of Chicago politics and the reforms the city needs.