Matthew Whitaker

The Left's Attack On The Constitution

What documents should be declassified by the White House before Schiff takes over the House Intel committee? Why aren’t civil liberties advocates demanding answers about the Obama administration potentially spying on private citizens in the Trump campaign?Will Democrats be successful in undermining Whitaker’s legitimacy? What’s the left’s latest assault on the U.S. Senate? Senior Legal Fellow at The Heritage Foundation, Hans Von Spakovsky joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Democrats New Found Interest In Russia Probe

Should acting AG Matt Whitaker recuse himself from oversight of the Mueller investigation? Should there be any concerns about his political ideology distracting him from his job? Why weren’t the Democrats concerned about politics in the senior leadership in the FBI when it was their guys? Would it be wise to get an AG appointed and confirmed as soon as possible? A former colleague of Whitaker and former U.S. Attorney, Bud Cummins joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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It Is An Important Milestone In The Investigation

Special Counsel Robert Mueller has impaneled a Grand Jury. Does that necessarily mean he sees charges materializing down the line? Is Mueller in search of a crime or trying to prove a crime? What strategies should Trump's legal team implement if subpoenas for his financial documents are issued? What are the parameters of the investigation? Is it over-broad? Former US Attorney and Executive Director of the Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust, Matthew Whitaker joins Dan and Amy to discuss.