Precedent Matters

Should we be worried about the precedent being set by the criminal charges filed against the Coward of Broward? What are the implications of criminalizing a police officer’s inaction? If not criminal charges, what other type of punishment should Scott Pederson face? What about his pension? Dan and Amy discuss the charges against Broward County police officer Scot Peterson who didn't confront the shooter and enter the Parkland high school during the awful mass shooting.

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Social Experiment Gone Awry In Parkland

Why don’t schools have the same protections as venues such as concerts or airports? Did political correctness bring about the tragedy in Parkland? Did a social experiment gone bad cost lives? Will the recent suspension of the Broward County Sheriff change anything? Andrew Pollack whose daughter was murdered in the Parkland school shooting joins Dan and Amy to discuss how he has been trying to right this wrong.

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The Right Question

Guns have no moral agency.

Predators hurt and kill people. Often they use a gun.

Good guys protect people. Often they use a gun.

When a predator kills with a gun he is rightly called a monster.

When a good guy with a gun fails to protect people he is rightly called a coward.

The very nature of the way we discuss an atrocity like the Parkland school shooting conveys our understanding that it’s bad guys and good guys who are responsible for what they do and not the instrumentality they use in their conduct.

So arguing that the response to the deadly success of the shooter and the failure of the deputy sheriff is to reduce the number of good guys and their instrumentality choices does not logically follow from the accepted premise.

And neither does the failure of state agencies locally and federally to exercise the power they currently possess make the case for expanding their power at the expense of our rights.

No amount of emergency planning or algorithmic modeling or government power can replace the variety of human judgment calls that will be thrust upon a free people.

The question then isn’t what’s in my holster, it’s what’s in my head and my heart?