Rahm Emmanuel

Rahm’s Victory Lap On Crime Reduction

Did crime actually get worse under Mayor Rahm Emanuel? Did he think no one was going to look back and check the record? Deputy Director of legal policy at the Manhattan Institute, Rafael Mangual joins Dan and Amy to discuss Rahm’s op-ed rewriting history to cast himself as a police reformer and crime reducer.

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Tiny Dancer Send Off

On election eve, Tim O’Donnell shares his parody send off to departing Mayor Rahm Emanuel. The song is dedicated to all the private sector workers paying for other people’s pensions.

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Obamaland Stealing Public Parks

Is the construction of Obamaland stealing public lands from taxpayers? Where else could it be built in the city? Protect Our Parks President, Herb Caplan joins Dan and Amy with an update on their lawsuit.

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Tiny Dancer Bows Out

Unlike Daley, did Rahm getting pushed out by the city and not the political insiders? Is Rahm looking to cut a deal with someone he can endorse? Did he accomplish anything? Does the political machine still have the same power they once held? Where’s the Republican Party? Chicago Tribune columnist, John Kass joins Dan and Amy to discuss the curtains closing on Mayor Emanuel and to share his take on the city’s mayoral race.  

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Lethal Failure By Chicago Political Ruling Class

What “solutions” were offered by Tiny Dancer and Superintendent Johnson to curb the violence on the south and west sides of the city? Will another expanded city bureaucracy do the trick? Where’s Black Lives Matter to discuss how to end the gang violence? When will Chicagoans stop genuflecting to the political class and demand real change? Dan and Amy discuss the failure of Rahm Emanuel and the decades of failure of Chicago politicians to create opportunity in minority communities and protect its residents.

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Solutions For America’s Mass-Shooting Capital

What measures are going to be effective in reducing violence in Chicago? When will Madigan and the Chicago Democrat power structure be called out for their takeover of black neighborhoods and inability to stop the violence in Chicago? Is demanding safer neighborhoods and calling for a de-escalation of police intrinsically contrary? Reverend Greg Livingston joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Social Justice Warrior “Reform” Plan For CPD

Chicago FOP President Kevin Graham on proposed consent decree: “if imposed in current form, the city will be less safe.” Is it really important for Chicago police to get personal pronouns correct when arresting felons? What is next, disarming the CPD? President of the Chicago Fraternal Order of Police Kevin Graham joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Dan Ryan Shutdown Redux

Are protesters marching down Lake Shore Drive to get the attention in areas of the city that politicians actually care about? How do marches like this aid in changing out the political structure in Chicago? Everyone always claims the south and west sides need more funding, but how would more money reduce the violence? Reverend Gregory Livingston, from Coalition For A New Chicago, joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Cashman Willie Wilson

Is Willie just doing his part since the city’s politicians are robbing people of their homes? Are people in Chicago not used to politicians doing good works with their own money rather than using other people’s money? Since when is the Chicago press corps so concerned about corrupting the wonderful legal and political system in the city? Chicago Mayoral Candidate, Willie Wilson joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Chicago Public Schools: The Predators’ Playground

Everything big city Democrat mayors like Rahm Emanuel do is for the kids, they tell us with ersatz earnestness.

Rahm—Tiny Dancer, I call him--is quick to take up cause célèbres like the Parkland high school gun control brigade in the name of school safety.

What Rahm and his leftist colleagues won’t do is change school systems run by the adults for the adults—even when some of those adults are child predators.

In a blockbuster expose, the Chicago Tribune documented a long-running sex abuse scandal inside the Chicago Public Schools that should end Tiny Dancer’s career, that should be international news on par with coverage given the Catholic Church’s sex abuse scandal, and that should serve as a warning to public school parents across the country.

According to the Tribune, since Tiny Dancer was elected in 2011, 430 reports of sexual abuse, assault or harassment have been investigated with credible evidence of misconduct found in 230 of those incidents.

The Tribune also found that school administrators may have acted criminally in failing to report incidents of abuse to the state’s child welfare agency.

Worse yet, the story identified repeated failures to screen out Chicago Public Schools employees with prior arrests related to alleged sexual offenses involving children.

A lot of attention is devoted to holding pols and their appointees accountable for threats to kids in school that come from the outside.

What about the threats they welcome inside and cover for?


Rahm: Protects Adults, Fails Students

“Laws on the books are not being enforced, people need to be charged.” Is systemic sexual abuse of children enough for Chicagoans to hold their political leadership accountable? Is this another indictment of the CPS system that’s not made for the kids but for the adults? Former General Counsel of DCFS, Liz Yore joins Dan and Amy to discuss the bombshell Chicago Tribune Investigative report.

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Do Something

How many more shootings before we do something?

That is, how many more good guys with guns have to stop bad guys with guns before we stop stigmatizing inanimate objects?

The high school resource officer in Dixon, Illinois, and the Good Samaritan outside the restaurant in Oklahoma City aren’t inanimate objects or a three-letter acronym so they are of minor, passing interest to the DC press corps.

While well-intentioned Americans want to hear ideas about improving public safety, champagne socialists are interested only in using people’s fears against them to leverage more power over them.

This fact was laid bare in a recently released email exchange between Obama consiglieres Rahm Emanuel and Arnie Duncan two days after the Sandy Hook massacre.

In the exchange, Rahm tells Duncan, “Go for a vote this week asap before it fades. Tap peoples [sic] emotion. Make it simple assault weapons."

The dizzying intellect that is Arne Duncan replied, “Yup-thanks.”

Do you understand now?

Do you understand how little the Political Royals think of you and that they care for you even less than that?

They are as cavalier with your life as they are craven in using the lives of 20 dead children to manipulate you.

You might consider this when you’re deciding how much of your life to turn over to them.


A Great Police Officer, Dad And Husband

A vigil was held last night for Chicago Police Commander Paul Bauer who lost his life in the line of duty this week. Commander Bauer leaves behind a wife and a 13-year-old daughter. The 100 Club of Chicago is a nonprofit that provides financial support to the families of fallen officers. Executive Director of The 100 Club of Chicago, Joe Ahern joins Dan and Amy to give an update on Commander Bauer’s family and how you can help. Visit 100clubchicago.org to learn more about the organization and how to donate.

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Chicago Ranks Worst. Again

60% ofTiny Dancer’s 100 most loyal donors receive City Hall benefits through city contracts on the taxpayer’s dollar. Pay to play politics is nothing new but Chicago lowers the standards even more. For example, New York has a 31-page disclosure form, in Chicago, our form is only two pages, and one of the pages is most likely an invitation to an Ed Burke campaign fundraiser. CEO of Project 6, Faisal Khan joins Dan and Amy to discuss why he gives Mayor Tiny Dancer a flat F in transparency.

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Chicago FOP To Rahm: How Can You Accept A Report Before You've Read It?

Chicago FOP President Dean Angelo on why Chicago experienced such a violent year, just as he predicted. What can be done about how the DOJ report could help or hurt the cause?

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Picture of the Week: Javier Salas

Spanish media personality turned congressional candidates Javier Salas, who is challenging 22-year incumbent Rep. Luis Gutierrez in the Democrat Primary, holds up a mock check mocking Gutierrez's $30,000 campaign contribution last year to the outgoing mayor of Chicago as indicative of Gutierrez's selling out the Latino community to buy in to the Chicago Democrat Ruling Class power structure. POTW_1 14

Dan Proft & John Tillman

On this edition of “Illinois Rising”, Dan Proft and John Tillman, CEO of the Illinois Policy Institute, discuss Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan’s issued opinion that daily fantasy sports websites – such as FanDuel and DraftKings – are illegal, legislation to recall Mayor Rahm Emanuel, and Governor Rauner stating that Mayor Emanuel is probably scared of Speaker Mike Madigan and how the right can appeal to the black community.

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Dan Proft & Ted Dabrowski, VP of Policy, Illinois Policy Institute

On this edition of “Illinois Rising”, Dan Proft and Ted Dabrowski, VP of Policy, Illinois Policy Institute, discuss how Lincolnshire is the first municipality in Illinois to become a right-to-work zone, the Chicago Teacher’s Union received 96.5 percent support from its members for a strike, a group of Republican legislative candidates supporting legislation to recall Rahm Emanuel and more.

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Reaction to Rahm Should be Peaceful, but Not Calm


A special Op-Ed from Illinois State Rep. Peter Breen A few weeks ago, the nation watched the video of a police officer firing 16 shots at Laquan McDonald, a young black man, armed with only a small knife and walking away from police. Two of those shots were fired at McDonald while he was standing, with the remainder ripping through his body after he fell to the pavement.

None of the at least five other officers on the scene attempted medical assistance for the young man as he lay on the ground. Witnesses were “shooed away” from the scene, without their contact information even being taken. Numerous other police vehicles were on scene, but none of their dashboard video or audio has been released—and may have been destroyed. Even the security video from the local Burger King, which officers demanded password access to in the aftermath of the shooting, has a void in its footage during the critical time of the shooting.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel was in the midst of a tough re-election campaign in October 2014, desperately needing the support of the City Council’s Black Caucus to defeat his Latino challenger. As details slowly emerged from whistleblowers about the shooting, the City steadfastly refused to release the video. Once the Mayor—and those who supported him—were clear of the April 2015 election, the City Council agreed to pay the family of the young man $5 million, with the further caveat that the video not be released. But an independent reporter sued and, over a year after the shooting, finally forced the City to release the footage.

This video would’ve made national news, whenever it was released. But for the people of Chicago and of Illinois, it’s not merely the killing but the cover-up that has shaken us. This incident has laid bare how far our elected officials will go to protect the established political power structure in our state.



State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez was informed of the relevant facts and had the video much earlier, but decided to charge the officer involved 13 months later, only after she knew that the video would be released. Attorney General Lisa Madigan’s office dragged its feet on enforcing the Freedom of Information Act against the City of Chicago to release of the video, even allowing the City to violate Illinois law in thwarting the legal review process under the Act. And when Madigan’s office did finally issue a decision, it was issued as “non-binding,” which against the City of Chicago, meant the decision was not worth the paper it was printed on.

Mayor Emanuel has now fired the police superintendent and is trying to focus the attention on State’s Attorney Alvarez, who is up for re-election in March 2016. However, it’s reported that Speaker Mike Madigan will support Alvarez in the next election, so as to shore up his Latino and suburban Cook County vote.

In any other structure, whether public or private, you’d fire every single person involved and start over. But not in Illinois. At least not up to this point in Illinois.

Fortunately, the people are outraged. The press is on the attack. Some have urged “calm” in the wake of this video, but that’s not quite right. Peaceful, yes, but we should not be “calm.” Any person with a conscience and a sense of right and wrong should be furious about this entire situation: both the tragic unnecessary killing of a human being, and the deep corruption of a political system to the point that people will do anything to protect their power and elective offices.

Moreover, this outrage isn’t—and shouldn’t be—limited to folks in the City of Chicago. The same people who covered up the killing of Laquan McDonald hold vast influence over our entire state and its politics. The way forward from here will not be driven by calm, but by that special sort of righteous anger that drives positive change: the type of feeling and thought which throughout history has inspired political movements and revivals.

We have a long road ahead to turn Illinois around, but it starts with a people who are disgusted by the status quo and ready for a new way.

Peter Breen is a State Representative for Illinois’ 48th House District. He also serves as a public interest lawyer with the Thomas More Society, specializing in defense of free speech and religious liberty rights.

Dan Proft & Amy Jacobson Interview Rev. Gregory Seal Livingston

Rev. Gregory Livingston, Coalition for a New Chicago, on effort to #RecallRahm with a message for POTUS: #BarackComeGetYourBoy

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