McCarthy: Is Mueller's Grand Jury Step One To Impeachment?

Are there any boundaries to Robert Mueller's investigation? Deputy AG Rosenstein says yes. Should we trust Rosenstein's reassurances that Mueller must follow Justice Department regulations? Should we read anything into the fact that Mueller impaneled a grand jury? Is Mueller’s grand jury step one in the impeachment of President Trump? Is there any shred of evidence to support the narrative that Trump committed a crime? Former Chief Assistant U.S. Attorney Andrew McCarthy joined Dan and Amy to discuss.


Putin Expels American Diplomats

After Russia invaded Ukraine and annexed Crimea, the U.S. passed sanctions on Russian energy firms. Should Russia close their consulates in San Francisco and Seattle? Are they just being used for domestic espionage? Should Trump engage North Korea in negotiations? Russia, Venezuela, North Korea; Dan & Amy discussed all of the autocrats and all of the U.S. sanctions with the American Enterprise Institute’s Michael Rubin.


Life Imitating Art?

What is secret? What is not? How dangerous can secrets be? How closely does truth mirror fiction? American author Joe Finder, published a book that deals with national security issues and Russian intelligence. What happened after he appeared on Russian TV? The New York Times bestselling author of “Paranoia,” “High Crime” and "The Switch"  shares his chilling story with Dan and Amy.

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