School Choice

The Solution To The CTU Strike

Why don’t Chicago parents get $15k per child as a voucher or scholarship and let parents pick which school their child attends? Why don’t we make schools compete for students? Was Trump’s congratulatory tweet on President Xi’s re-election tone deaf? Is either country winning the trade war? WSJ columnist and economist, Steve Moore joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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“Sorry, My Time’s Up”

Is “my time’s up” the new mantra for Joe Biden? Was Harris the star of the night? Did she possibly knock Biden down a notch? Is it surprising that there was no talk of impeachment? Is there a moderate lane opening for some under the radar candidates like Bennet or Klobuchar? Why are Democrats for school choice at the collegiate level but not K-12? Fox News Contributor, Juan Williams joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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How Strong Is The Resistance Against Socialism?

Can and will Americans resist socialism? The left constantly refers to Sweden as an example of a model of government to follow, do they know Sweden doesn’t have a minimum wage and has a school voucher system? How can they ignore the suffering in Venezuela due to socialism? Professor of economics at George Mason University, Walter Williams joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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What Paradigm Shift?

Do we need a Lifetime special or a HBO documentary to get anyone to pay attention to the CPS sexual abuse scandal? Why are the mayoral candidates and Chicago press corps shrugging their shoulders at an outside law firm being hired to investigate over 1,000 cases of abuse against children? Dan and Amy discuss the cowardly cover given to Chicago Public schools from the city’s elite.

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Taxing The American Dream

Are Democrats not even pretending you can keep your healthcare if you like it anymore? Why do they want to restrict people’s choices in healthcare and education? If Howard Schultz runs for president, doe he guarantee Trump a second term? Who needs $50 million anyway? WSJ Columnist and CNN Chief Economist, Steve Moore joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Mayoral Candidates Making A Play For Center-Right Voters

The Northwest Side GOP and Chicago City Wire newspaper hosted a mayoral forum. Candidates included: John Kozlar, Jerry Joyce, Paul Vallas, Dr. Willie Wilson, Bob Fioretti, and LaShawn Ford. Topics ranged from the city’s financial problems, creating more choice and accountability in the Chicago Public School system, rooting out corruption, and more hot button issues like sanctuary city laws and guns. Dan Proft and Matt Podgorski moderated the event.

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Dumbing Down Of Culture

If racism was the principle cause of black children failing in school then why are they still failing even when the schools are run by other blacks? Are poor blacks seen as a commodity by middle class blacks? Is the growing intolerance of religion on the left breaking down the moral structure once strong in the black community? Founder and President of the Woodson Center, Bob Woodson joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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The Sequence Of Success

How do you tackle the most important and challenging aspect of K-12 reform: family. There are real rewards and consequences from the decisions children make, but do educators have the courage to tell them the truth? What are the factors that drive long term success for kids? Operator of Charter Schools, Ian Rowe joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Building Great Men At Northridge Prep

How does Northridge Prep prepare young men to not only be sound academically but build their character to be good husbands and friends? Do they use any Ipads or laptops in the classroom? How involved is the whole family? How does the all male staff serve as role models for the students? Headmaster for Northridge Preparatory School, Niall Fagan joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Exclusive: Paul Vallas On Taxes, Crime, And CPS

Is the upcoming mayoral election a paradigm-shift or personality contest? Why hasn’t the CPS sex abuse scandal received more public attention? What’s his detailed plan to revamp the police force? What are his thoughts on expanding school choice in the city? Paul Vallas joins Dan and Amy to discuss his candidacy.

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Harvard And NYC Discriminating Against Asian Americans

Harvard admissions officers and other post-modernist, cultural Marxist, Leftist bigots like New York City’s Mayor De Blasio, have categorized Asian-Americans as academic oppressors. Are big city mayors like De Blasio scapegoating Asian Americans for their failure to educate other minority groups? Yukong Zhao, President of the Asian-American Coalition for Education, joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Low-Income Students Enroll In College After Attending Private School Through Tax Credit Scholarships

Does the increased competition from school choice improve the quality of public schools? Has there been a close in the gap across racial lines in terms of college enrollment due to the program? What are the implications from this study that may take effect in Illinois’ new tax credit scholarship program? Research Associate for the Urban Institute and co-author of study “The Effects of Statewide Private School Choice on College Enrollment and Graduation,” Dan Kuehn joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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En Loco Parentis Does Not Mean Crazy Parents

Parents remain the primary educators for their children, but what is the role of their teachers during the school day? How does the philosophy of parochial schools compare to public schools? How important is character development in education? How do the interactions amongst peers influence students in school? Are teachers educating students the same way they were 10, 20, 30 years ago? Fenwick High School Social Studies teacher, Dr. Gerald Lordan joins Dan and Amy to discuss what he believes is the contract between teachers and parents.

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School Choice Expands In Illinois

An education funding deal was finally reached in Springfield. On this edition of Illinois Rising, Dan Proft and Pat Hughes discuss both the good and bad of the deal. The good comes in the form of a new tax credit scholarship program. Wirepoints' Mark Glennon and the Foundation for Excellence in Education's Adam Peshek join the analysis. Proft and Hughes also discuss the new Illinois Sanctuary State law and voters' reaction.








Winners and Losers Of Education Funding In Illinois

Funding the adults and focusing on the inputs not the outputs has been the basis of education funding in Illinois. Who should we be thanking for getting the tax credit scholarships included? But who are the ones actually taking a bow? Should we be expecting more increases in property taxes? Dan and Amy discuss the new education funding bill in Illinois.

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Misguided Hysteria & Priorities In Springfield

Instead of having substantive discussions on policy reforms, the media and politicians are in hysteria over a cartoon. On this edition of Illinois Rising, Dan Proft and Pat Hughes critique the lack of attention being paid to important education funding issues in favor of focus on an Illinois Policy political cartoon. They also get an update on the negotiations in Springfield from state Rep. Peter Breen, R-Lombard, the new House Republican floor leader. Proft and Hughes also discuss an immigration bill likely to become law in Illinois that would make the state a sanctuary state.








Game Changing Education Funding Deal In Illinois

Is K-12 school funding deal a good one? What families are eligible for the potential tax credit scholarships? Will there be a mass exodus from public schools? But are we celebrating too soon? If State Senator Kwame Raoul and tiny dancer send their kids to private schools, shouldn’t other Illinois parents have the same privilege? How shameless are the Chicago Teacher’s Union and the Illinois Education Association in their opposition to school choice? Chicago Tribune Editorial Board's Kristen McQueary joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Charter Schools Fight To Expand In Chicago

With political battles both in Springfield and between the Chicago Teachers Union and Chicago Public Schools, education reform in Chicago and Illinois is an uphill battle – and students and parents suffer. On this installment of Against the Current, Dan Proft explores the ins and outs of that uphill battle with Andrew Broy, the president of the Illinois Network of Charter Schools. Broy explains the political hurdles charter schools need to jump over to expand in Chicago and across the state, while also detailing how they can provide better options for students and parents.

What can be done politically to offer more school choice in the state? How and why did Chicago become the first U.S. city to cap its number of charter schools? Proft and Broy discuss this and more in a detailed discussion on education reform and how to improve the status quo.

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What Is The Future For School Choice? AEI's Rick Hess On Education Reform

What is the future for the school choice movement across the country? Dan Proft talks to Rick Hess, the director of education policy studies at the American Enterprise Institute, about education reform efforts at both the federal and state levels.

What mistakes do we need to correct in education? And why aren't more politicians willing to own up to them? Proft and Hess take a deep look at both the good and bad in education policy over the last few decades.

Also, which states are the best models for school choice? Could anything be done at the federal level to expand school choice? Hess shares his thoughts on Betsy DeVos' confirmation to lead the Department of Education, too, and whether or not he thinks school choice advocates are winning the arguments they're trying to make.