Let Americans Be Free

Is Elizabeth Warren not an authentic socialist? Is it concerning that half the country finds being a capitalist as a negative criticism? What do Americans win with an end to the trade war? Is it in the interest of the U.S. government to determine who the NBA gets to do business with? Economist at George Mason University, Donald Boudreaux joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Girls Competing Against Biological Males

What is the argument on behalf of young female athletes who do not want to compete against biological males? What has the backlash been like for the female athlete who willingly put her name on the lawsuit to question the “fairness” of having men compete in women’s high school sports? Legal counsel for Alliance Defending Freedom, Denise Harle joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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White Liberal Guilt

Is the reparations debate amongst the 2020 presidential election hopefuls directed to gain the black vote or gain the favor of white liberals? Where is the outrage on the left for the disportionate amount of black babies aborted? Why are men competing against women in sports and disenfranchising female athletes? NFL great and author, Burgess Owens joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Mark Cuban Coming To Judson University

What can we expect from Mark Cuban that we don’t get on Shark Tank? How did Vargas and Cuban connect through Twitter? Why is Mark Cuban going out of his way to participate in a speaker series at Judson University? The inaugural edition of the Mark Vargas speaker’s series, Mark Vargas joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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The Economic Engine Of The Northwest Suburbs

How is Elk Grove Village staying on the cutting edge and attracting businesses? What was the science behind sponsoring a collegiate bowl game? Was it worth it and will they do it again? Mayor Craig Johnson joins Dan and Amy live from Elk Grove Village Village Hall as part of the AM 560/Signature Bank Business Tour.

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Dez Clark On Politics In Sports, Financial Literacy, And Family

Former Chicago Bear, Desmond Clark has had his fair share of ups and downs. From growing up in a single parenthood household and witnessing things a young kid shouldn’t have to, to his successful 12 year career in the NFL, Desmond Clark’s journey serves as an inspirational example of what a solid work ethic and good head on your shoulders can create. On this edition of Against the Current with Dan Proft, Desmond Clark shares a cautionary tale of how he was scammed out of $750k, his mission to steer young professional athletes on a path of financial prosperity, his new book on how you create success, and most importantly his role as a father.